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Short Finalist Assignment

A 1,000-word analytical essay on an independently chosen non-literary text (such as a film, work of art or music, webpage, phone app, game, etc.) not included on the module, to include a rationale for whether/why the module might expand to include this text in future. (30%, due week 10)

The goal of this assignment is to get you thinking in comparative terms between your chosen text/example and the module themes and content. In fact, the pedagogical purpose is to give you an opportunity to reflect on the concepts and reading methods we are working with and to help you to consolidate some of the course material during the module, rather than after term is over.
This is meant to be a very open assignment in terms of the choice of materials and approaches you take, so long as you do make an argument for what place your choice might have on a module like this one--what gaps it might fill, for instance, or other ways of thinking about queer theory and practice that it might promote. Feel free to run your ideas by me, if you have questions, either by email or during my office hours.
Your response should speak to elements of the current syllabus and not just the themes of the module.