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Samples of Past Student Work

The essays and creative projects below were all submitted in March 2009. They have been made available by the kind permission of the authors. Together, they represent the great variety and originality of work that takes place on the module.

PDF document Camilla Weich Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis
PDF document Chris Mourant Montaigne and Lear
PDF document Emma Grange Hamlet's Soliloquies
PDF document James Marshall Tempest Adaptation
PDF document James Marshall Tempest Adaptation Reflective Essay
PDF document Jonathan Ware Machia and the Devil
PDF document Kathryn Hobbs Ophelia's Madness
PDF document Natasha Collie Festive Comedy
PDF document Rowan Rutter Titus and Troilus embodied
PDF document Ruth Paskins Villainy and Sexuality
PDF document Sam Kinchin-Smith A Midsummer Night's Dream Songs
PDF document Thomas Peacock Theatricality of Power