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Teaching Writing in Higher Education

The Warwick Writing Programme
Provisional Programme
Monday 26 March 2001

9:00-11:00Registration (Rootes Social Building): Room keys will not be available at this time but baggage may be checked in. Morning Tea/Coffee served in Upper Foyer of Arts Centre. Warwick University Bookshop open, featuring conference book display.
Arts Centre
Conference Room

Welcome and Introduction
Jeremy Treglown, Chair of the Warwick Writing Programme

Arts Centre

Opening Plenary Panel
Chair: Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams, The Warwick Writing Programme

Andrea A. Lunsford, Roz Ivanic, and Mary R. Lea'Teaching Expository Writing: A Transatlantic Exchange' 
12:45-1:45Buffet Lunch (Rootes Social Building)

Panel Session 1(Social Studies Building)
Room 010 A. Junctions Between Creative & Academic Writing
Chair: Carole Angier
, Royal Literary Fund Fellow (University of Warwick)
 Diana Barsham, Department of English (University Of Derby): '"Ignoble Archives" . . . "Paradises of Thought": Working with the Essay as both Discipline and Play'
 Catherine Davidson, University Writing Coordinater (Richmond, The American International University in London): 'Composing Creative Writing; Creating Composition: Myths, Stories, Ideas and an Argument about the relationship between Composition and Creative Writing'
 Rebecca Stott and Tory Young, Department of English (Anglia Polytechnic University): 'The Speak-Write Project: Creativity and Key Skills'
Room 011 B. Approaches to Teaching Creative Writing
Chair: Peter Wilson, School of Arts and Humanities (University of North London)
 Jon Cook, School of English & American Studies (University of East Anglia): 'Workshops'
 Livi Michael and Ian Pople (Sheffield Hallam University/University of Manchester): 'Workshopping the Fiction Process'
 Anna Garry, School of English & American Studies (University of East Anglia): 'Creative Writing Teaching: A Learner-Centred Approach'
Room 013 C. The Limits of U.S. Models of Expository Writing
Chair: Helen Dennis, Department of English (University of Warwick) 
 Joan Mullin, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum (University of Toledo, Ohio): 'Don't Repeat Our Mistakes! Learning From-Not Duplicating-U.S. Theory and Practice'
 John Heyda, Department of English (Miami University): 'Sentimental Education: the Expense of Requiring First-Year Writing in U.S. Colleges and Universities'
 Jackie Pieterick, School of Humanities, Languages & Social Sciences (University of Wolverhampton): 'Notes From a Small Island about Importing Writing Programmes Made in America'
Room 017 D. Teaching Writing in Literature Departments
Chair: Stacy Gillis, Department of English (University of Exeter)
 Richard Kerridge, Course Director: Creative Writing (Bath Spa University College): 'Ethics in the Workshop'
 Peter Mack, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies (University of Warwick): 'Process, Genre and Audience in Teaching Writing to English Students'
Room 018 E. Subject-Centred Approaches to Academic Writing (I)
Chair: Sheena Gardner, CELTE (University of Warwick)
 Theresa Lillis, Centre for Language and Communications (The Open University): 'Re-imagining Student Writing as a Site of Dialogue'
 Teresa O'Brien, Department of Education (University of Manchester): 'Student Writing and Academic Register: A Comparison of Coursework and Examination Writing'
 Alexander Spiteri, Institute of Linguistics (University of Malta): 'Can Writing for Specific Purposes be Taught Creatively?'
3:30-4:00Afternoon Tea/Coffee (Upper Foyer of Arts Centre)
Arts Centre

Plenary Panel
Chair: Peter Mack, Department of English (University of Warwick)

Blake Morrison and Hilary Spurling: 'Do the Conventions Matter?'
5:00-6:00Break Delegates may pick up room keys and baggage at Rootes Reception desk and check into their rooms. Warwick University Bookshop open until 5:30.
6:00-7:00Drinks Reception (EAT! Restaurant, Arts Centre):

Reception hosted by The Royal Literary Fund 

Arts Centre
A Reading by Andrew Motion and Russell Celyn Jones
Chair: David Morley, The Warwick Writing Programme

8:00-11:00Dinner (Chancellor's Suite, Rootes Social Building)
11:00-12:00Cash Bar extension (Chancellor's Suite)

Provisional Programme
Tuesday 27 March 2001

7:30-9:00Breakfast (Rootes Restaurant)
Arts Centre

'Royal Literary Fund Initiatives in Teaching and Research'
Chair: David Morley, The Warwick Writing Programme

Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams (University of Warwick): 'Teaching Writing at University: A Question of Evidence'

Sue Drew (Sheffield Hallam University): 'So what could a Royal Literary Fund Fellow do for us?'

10:00-10:20Morning Tea/Coffee (Upper Foyer of Arts Centre
10:30-12:00Panel Session 2(Social Studies Building)
Room 010 A. Expository Writing: Are 'Skills' Enough?
Chair: Lotte Rienecker, Academic Writing Centre (University of Copenhagen)
 Alan Evison, Learning Development Unit (Queen Mary & Westfield College): 'Developing a Writing in the Disciplines Programme at QMW'
 Mary Jane Curry, Centre for Languages & Communications (The Open University): 'Non-Native Speakers Writing in the University: Learning from "Basic Writing" in the United States'
 Jan Skillen, Learning Development (University Of Wollongong, Australia): 'A Paradigm Shift in Supporting Students' Development of Writing in Higher Education'
Room 011 B. Assessing Creativity
Chair: Lynda Morgan (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College) 
 Jane McKie, Department of Continuing Education (University of Warwick): 'Valuing Creative Writing in Adult Education'
 Celia Hunt, Department of Continuing Education (University of Sussex): 'Assessing Personal Writing'
 Fiona Sampson, Freelance Author (Director of the Stephen Spender Memorial Trust): 'Theorising the Writing Process: Private Experience or Public Practice?'
Room 013 C. Research on Student Writing
Chair: Dr. Adrian Stokes, Centre for Academic Practice (University of Warwick) 
 Susan Orr and Margo Blythman (London Institute of Fashion): 'Designing Your Writing: Writing Your Design'
 Andy Ward and Rose Lonsdale (University of Wales, Aberystwyth): 'Problems in Academic Writing: Views of Copy-editors and Sub-editors'
 Gerard Sharpling, CELTE (University of Warwick): 'A Balancing Act: How Non-Native Postgraduate Students Construct and Develop Sentences in English'
Arts Centre
D. University Writing and the World of Work & Community
Chair: Tory Young, Department of English (Anglia Polytechnic University)

James Dubinsky, Director of Professional Writing (Virginia Tech, USA): 'The "Ideal Orator" Revisited: Writing Well to Bridge School and Work and Serve the Community'

Rick Hudson, Lecturer in Writing (Southampton Institute): 'This is Not a Writing Circle'

Jane Taylor (Surrey Institute of Art & Design): 'Teaching Writing to Journalism Students: Art or Craft?'

Room 018 E. Teaching Teachers To Teach Writing
Chair: Diana Barsham, Department of English (University of Derby)
 Geoffrey Lewis (Northern College, Aberdeen): 'Supporting Student Teachers in Their Writing'
 Rowena Murray, Centre for Academic Practice (University of Strathclyde): 'If not Rhetoric and Composition, then what?: Teaching Dissertation Writing'
 Sada Amhad Daoud, ESP Centre (Damascus University, Syria): 'EFL Writing Teachers' Needs: Implications for Teacher Education Programmes'

Panel Session 3(Social Studies Building)
Room 010 A. Writing From School To University
Chair: Peter Stray Joergenson, Academic Writing Centre (University of Copenhagen)
 Mary Scott, (London Institute of Education): 'Students in Transition: Writing About Literature at A-level and at University'
 Ann Hewings, Centre for Language & Communication (The Open University): 'Undergraduate Writing in Geography-The Development of Disciplinary Awareness'
 Robert Catt and Gerry Gregory, Department of Education (Brunel University): 'The Point of Writing: Developing HE Student Writing - or just Assessing it?'
Room 011 B. Subject-Centred Approaches to Academic Writing (II)
Chair: Dave Peggs, Warwick Writing Programme (University of Warwick)
 Stella Smyth, English Language Teaching Unit (University of Leicester): 'The Custody of Creativity in a Legal Essay'
 Alison Ahearn, Department of Engineering (Imperial College, London): 'Engineering Writing'
 John Turney, Department of Science & Technology Studies (University College London): 'Explanation in Search of a Theory'
Room 013 C. Error Analysis in Student Papers: Research on Feedback
Chair: Jane Mallinson, English Department (Leiden University, NL)
 Nicola Coupe and Denise Hayes, Department of English (Newman College): 'Looking for Rouge Results: Patterns of Error in Undergraduate Writing'
 Pat Hill, Department of English, Media and Theatre Studies (University of Huddersfield): 'Feedback on Feedback'
 Sheena Gardner, CELTE (University of Warwick): 'Formative Feedback on Academic Term Papers'
Room 017 D. Historical Perspectives On Creative And Academic Writing
Chair: Alistair Wisker (Ruskin College, Oxford)
 Graeme Harper (University of Wales, Bangor): 'Creative Writing and Academe, 1890 to the Present: Writers, Literary Culture, and the Modern University Campus'
 Rebecca O'Rourke, School of Continuing Education (University of Leeds): 'In and Against Education: Some Origins and Consequences of Teaching Creative Writing'
 Alice Tomic, Department of Communication & Fine Arts (Richmond, the American University in London): 'Hybridity in Action: A Critical Narrative of the Evolution of a UK/US University Writing Programme'
Room 018 E. Reflection & Personal Voice In Academic Writing
Chair: Candida Clark, The Warwick Writing Programme (University of Warwick)
 Robert Root, Department of English (Central Michigan University): 'Centering the Writer in the Writing' 
 Phyllis Creme, School of Cultural & Community Studies (University of Sussex): '"Transitional" Writing'
 Jennifer Moon, Staff Development (University of Exeter): 'What is Reflective Writing?'
1:30-2:30Buffet Lunch (Rootes Social Building)

Panel Session 4(Social Studies Building)
Room 010 A. The Politics of Writing Centres & Writing Programmes
Chair: Aled Williams, Department of English (University of Warwick)
 George Layng, Department of English (Westfield College, Massachusetts) 'Writing Centres, the "Literacy Crisis," and the Place of Creativity'
 Vivienne Johnson (Independent Scholar): 'The Writing Centre: An Essential University Resource'
 David Morley, Warwick Writing Programme (University Of Warwick): 'A Model of a Writing Programme as a Business'
Room 011 B. Effects of Creative Techniques on Student Writing
Chair: Susan Orr (London Institute of Fashion)
 Varvara Richards and Heather Ker, Teaching & Learning Development Unit (University of Waikato) and Department of Communication (The Waikato Polytechnic) New Zealand: 'Poetry for Praxis, Too'
 Sue Burge (University Of East Anglia): 'Using Creative Writing in the EFL Classroom'
 Ramona Tang (University Of Birmingham): 'Putting a Personal Stamp on Academic Writing'
Room 013 C. Creative Writing as Research/Integrating Critical and Creative Writing
Chair: Gill Frith, Department of English (University of Warwick)
 Susan Bassnett, British & Comparative Cultural Studies (University of Warwick): 'The Uses of Creative Writing in Literature Programmes'
 Vic Sage, School of English & American Studies (University Of East Anglia): 'Two PhD's in One? Theory and Practice in the Creative Writing PhD'
 Peter Wilson, School of Arts & Humanities (University of North London): 'Creative Writing as Critical Response'
Arts Centre
D. Writing & Technology
Chair: James Dubinsky, Department of English (Virginia Tech, USA)

Stacy Gillis, Department of English (University Of Exeter): 'Creative Technology/Technological Creativity: Using the Web to Teach Writing'

Christine Zaher (Richmond, The American International University in London): 'From Chalkface to Blackboard'

Peter Hartley and Noel Williams, Department of Communication Studies (Sheffield Hallam University): 'Talking to Write: Towards a Framework for Voice Recognition in Writing'

Room 018 E. Changing Higher Education to Teach Writing
Chair: Mary Jane Curry, Centre for Language and Communications (Open University)
 David Wray, Institute of Education (University of Warwick): 'Writing in the Disciplines: General or Specific Skills?'
 James Hartley, Department of Psychology (Keele University): 'The Effects of Teaching Psychology Students to Write Structured Abstracts'
 Ian Davidson, Department of Continuing Education (University of Wales, Bangor): 'Within and Without: The Self and Other in a Part-Time and Flexible Creative Writing Programme'
Arts Centre
Plenary Panel and Concluding Remarks
Chair: Jeremy Treglown
, The Warwick Writing Programme

Andrew Motion: 'What is "Creative Writing"?'

Carolyn Steedman: 'Writing and the Definition of the Self'

Stefan Collini: 'Beyond "Skills": Writing in the Humanities'

5:20-5:45Tea/Coffee (Upper Foyer of Arts Centre)

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