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The Picturing Women's Health Conference will be held in the Humanities Building, on the main campus of the University of Warwick.  There are two entrances to this building, one at either side. The entrance you require is on Library Road.  You should see the registration desk as you walk in through the automatic doors.  (If you do not see the desk, then you need to follow the signs round to the other side of the building, keeping the ornamental garden on your right.)  At the registration desk we will be able to direct you to wherever it is you need to be.  Each registration pack will include a map and details about the campus, should you wish to explore. 




If travelling by car, you are advised to park on multi-storey car park "8a" which is opposite the Humanities Building on University Road.  Although this car park is a pay and display car park, parking is free of charge at the weekend and you will not need to display anything in your vehicle. You may, however, be required to validate your parking ticket at the pay machine before leaving, although no payment will be required.



If travelling by bus, you will need to alight at the SECOND bus stop, on the MAIN campus.  (The first bus top is just after the Gatehouse, the second is opposite the Humanities Building/Library Road). 



If travelling by taxi, it is likely that the taxi will drop you outisde the Rootes Building, near Costcutters.  If so, you will have to walk the short distance past the Arts Centre and Coventry House (figure 14 on the map), keeping them on your left.  Around the back of Coventry House, the Humanities Building will be visible directly to the right, in front of you. It is a white, tiled, building.