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About the organisers

Francesca M. Scott

is a third year PhD student studying 'The Contradictory Nature of Women Writers in the Late Eighteenth Century' under the supervision of Prof. Jacqueline Labbe.  She began her PhD in September 2008 after completing an MA in Pan-Romanticisms at the University of Warwick and a BA in English and Classical Literature at the University of Leeds.  Research interests include midwifery, female sexuality, religious instruction and the representation of royal and public women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  She also utilises contemporary literary and scientific theories to explore the contradictions that surface in women's writing.  Fran is very excited about the 'Picturing Women's Health' conference and would be happy for you to email her with any queries or suggestions:


Ji Won Chung

is a third year PhD student in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at University of Warwick. Her doctoral thesis is devoted to examining gothic images of the female body in late-Victorian fiction and culture. She examines late-nineteenth century fashion, beauty, spiritualism, and photography in relation to the period’s gothic and detective fiction, and stories of the supernatural.  Ji Won’s broader research interests include gothic literature, Victorian fiction, the fin-de-siecle, and gender. She has co-organised the Arts Faculty Postgraduate Seminar Series. She is very much looking forward to the ‘Picturing Women’s Health’ conference and would be happy to answer any

Kate Scarth

is a  a PhD student in the Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies. Her thesis is called Suburban Spaces in Romantic-era Novels.  Her research interests include women's writing and the novel, as well as ecocriticism and spatial theory (particularly in the context of urban spaces such as London, resort towns, and spa towns).  Kate is looking forward to the 'Picturing Women's Health Conference' and would be very pleased if you would email her with any   

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