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Phil Jourdan

Hello, how exciting to have you Google me.

I have a BA in English Literature, and an MA in Philosophy and Literature. My PhD is in Comparative Literature and Religion.

My MA dissertation was on the late (and noawadays too frequently dismissed) novelist and critic, John Gardner. It has since been published in modified form as John Gardner: A Tiny Eulogy by Punctum Books.

My PhD research falls somewhere between literary studies, philosophy and (to a lesser extent) religious studies. I'm exploring how Jesus Christ has been used and transformed into a character in works of fiction, and to what effect. To this end, I mix psychoanalytical work on the Law and desire, aspects of post-structuralist debates on autonomy and identity, and theological work on the problem of man's relation to the divine.

My supervisor is Dr Emma Mason.

Aside from the academic stuff, I'm also a full-time editor at Angry Robot Books and Repeater Books.

Phil JourdanPhil Jourdan

p dot a dot jourdan at warwick dot ac dot uk