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Postgraduate community

This page lists current MPhil and PhD research students with links to their individual profiles, part-time tutors with their contact and office hour details, and the names of current taught MA students.


Dr Peter Kirwan

Jonathan Bate
Shakespeare and the Idea of Apocrypha

Peter Kirwan My PhD at Warwick, following on from my BA and MA studies in the same department, enabled me to gain a role immediately in the School of English at the University of Nottingham, where I am now permanently employed as Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama and School Senior Tutor. My current role allows me to pursue various publication and research projects while overseeing the pastoral support and teaching experience of over a thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students. I’m driven by the passion for early modern drama I developed at Warwick. My PhD allowed me to work in a world-class library, to engage with specialists and professionals in my field, to run seminars and give lectures, and to develop sophisticated knowledge bases in literature, theatre and history. The PhD community at Warwick is supportive and friendly, and challenged me constantly to update my thinking and respond in ways that prepared me for a job that required adapting quickly to new subject areas and busy workloads. The collegiate spirit and work ethic fostered on the Warwick PhD programme is what enables me to thrive in all areas of my work while still maintaining the love of my subject.

Dr Francesca Scott

Jacqueline Labbe
The Fuzzy Theory and Women Writers
in the Late Eighteenth Century

Francesca Scott I am a lecturer in the Academic Core and Humanities at Amsterdam University College in the Netherlands, and a postdoctoral researcher with the HERA funded project Travelling TexTs at the Huygens ING. Through this, I am involved in two international projects: the NEWW Women Writers in History and the COST Action Childbirth Cultures Concerns and Consequences. My publications include Picturing Women’s Health (Warwick Series in the Humanities; Pickering and Chatto, 2014) and Women Telling Nations (Rodopi, 2014). I came to the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at Warwick in 2007 to do an MA in Pan-Romanticisms, and I went on to do a PhD, supervised by Professor Jacqueline Labbe— The Fuzzy Theory and Women Writers in the Late Eighteenth Century. My doctoral studies at Warwick prepared me for my career in two very important ways: it gave me extensive teaching experience, and allowed me to test my research, to experiment with disciplinary boundaries and theories. Both have proved invaluable in my current positions. I was offered a position as lecturer at Amsterdam University College because I had been given the opportunity to coordinate my own course, as well as teach as part of a team for numerous other courses at Warwick over a three-year period. As lecturer of Literature and Science at a liberal arts college, the interdisciplinary nature of my PhD has been crucial, and also attracted the interest of a literary network in the digital humanities that was looking for someone to facilitate collaboration with scholars and practitioners in the field of health care, midwifery and obstetrics. As a result of this, I was offered the postdoctoral position at the Huygens ING and now work with a diverse range of scholars from a variety of fields, while remaining closely connected to literary studies.

Dr Nazry Bahrawi

Susan Bassnett
Postsecular intimations in the fiction of
Graham Greene and Naguib Mahfouz.

Nazry Bahrawi I teach humanities to budding technocrats as a lecturer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the republic's fourth university established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I also hold a joint appointment as research fellow at the Middle East Institute-National University of Singapore. My doctoral studies at Warwick English had been integral to preparing me for postgraduate work. First, the department's eclectic mix of credible scholars whose research interests span across several emerging fields (literature and theology, translation studies, and world literature) makes for a unique educational experience. Despite their academic renown, faculty members are approachable – as are the department's administrative staffs. Second, I have also benefitted from the highly energetic and supportive postgraduate community at the department, leading a group of us to establish the Theology Reading Group, a collective that is still active today. Independent study at Warwick English is never a lonely experience. It is one where you can grow intellectually by engaging and sometimes disagreeing with your peers. It is one where being left alone also means being resourceful and innovative. This set of skills that I have acquired are useful to me not just as an academic, but also as a cultural commentator in the Singapore media.



Dr Christian Smith

Jonathan Bate
Thomas Docherty
Shakespeare's Influence on Marx,
Freud and the Frankfurt School
Critical Theorists.
christian smith I came to the University of Warwick from the United States to study Shakespeare and Critical Theory. After completing my Masters in English Literature, I read for my doctorate in English Literature under the supervision of Professors Jonathan Bate and Thomas Docherty. Due to the wide purview of my thesis, in which I set out to test Shakespeare’s influence on Marxism, psychoanalysis and Critical Theory, I was also supported by others in the department including John Fletcher, Nick Lawrence, Catherine Bates, Daniel Katz, Stephen Shapiro, and Emma Francis. I also had access to support from faculty in the departments of philosophy and German studies and from the Warwick Language Centre and the Writing Centre. During my four years of postgraduate studies in the University of Warwick’s Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, I was taught, supported and mentored by a world class faculty. The department and university also afforded me many other opportunities to develop as practicing scholar including the Postgraduate Scholar’s Group at the Humanities Research Centre, the Arts Faculty Seminar Series, and the Thinking Aloud video series. I received pedagogical training from the Learning and Development Centre including introduction to academic and professional practice and technology-enhanced learning. The department allowed me to gain experience teaching seminars in their undergraduate programme. Armed with the skills to be a successful researcher and higher education teacher I set out to find a post and was awarded a two-year teaching fellowship in the English Department at Warwick. I currently teach and lecture in both the undergraduate and Masters programmes while I work on researching and writing my first monograph. My fellowship position has me co-teaching with professors who work in the same fields that I am writing about in my own research. There is a strong overlap between my teaching and my research.

MPhil and PhD students

Early Modern  
Thomasin Bailey
Phd Elizabeth Clarke
Teresa Grant
Second generation Sydney Cycle: The sonnets of Lady Mary Wroth
and the network of literary collaboration and patronage
around Wroth and the Earl of Pembroke.
Vladimir Brljak Phd Catherine Bates
Christina Britzolakis
Allegory and modernity in English literature: c1575-1675.
Robert Daniel
Phd Elizabeth Clarke “Teach me, O Lord, this sacred art”: Puritan Modes of Writing
in the Poetry of Thomas St Nicholas.
Alice Leonard PhD Thomas Docherty
Paul Prescott
Shakespeare Beyond Rhetoric: Error in Early Modern Drama,
with Reference to Shakespeare.
Dr Iman Sheeha
PhD-2014 Carol Rutter Servants and domestic tragedy.
Katie Smith MPhil Elizabeth Clarke
Paul Botley
Ovidian Female-voiced Complaint Poetry in the Early Modern Period.
Eighteenth and
Nineteenth Century
Mary Addyman PhD Emma Francis
Gill Frith
Collecting practices and their representation in literature in the second
half of the nineteenth century.
Chi-fang Chen Phd Christina Lupton The 1790s and the comic.
Maria-Silvia Cohut PhD Emma Mason Before and Beyond the Glass: Women, 'Mirrored' in 1700s and 1800s
Literature and Visual Art.
Sarah Halford PhD Emma Francis Whiteness in Victorian English fiction.
Chiaki Ohashi MPhil Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee
Lisa Robertson MPhil Emma Francis Women's urban fiction: literary representations of domestic architecture.
Dr Sophie Rudland
PhD - 2014 Emma Mason Hartley, Blake and Wollstonecraft, Re-considering Emotion, Religion and
the Body.
Joseph Shafer MPhil Daniel Katz Appearances of Resistance: D.H. Lawrence in New American Poetry.
Emilie Taylor-Brown
PhD Emma Francis
Roberta Bivins
Miasmas, Mosquitos, and Microscopes:
The emergent field of parisitology and its dialogues with British literary imagination, 1885-1935.
Yi Tian MPhil Emma Francis George Eliot and Female Vocation.
Kathryn Wills MPhil Emma Mason Cornelia Connelly: transformations of pain and suffering in her life,
writings and biographies.
Laura Wood PhD Emma Francis Reaffirming the figure of the reader in 19th century literature.

Twentieth Century/

Dr Cassandra Adjei Phd - 2014 John Gilmore Duality, gene and the modern mulatto response and representation in contemporary British fiction.
Roxanne Bibizadeh PhD Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee
Rashmi Varma
Degrees of Difference: Islam and "Race" in Modern and
Contemporary Anglo-Iranian and Anglo-Arab Diasporic Literature.
Lara Choksey MPhil Emma Francis Doris Lessing's space fiction.
Dr James Christie PhD - 2014 Thomas Docherty 
Neil Lazarus
Fredric Jameson and the art of modernism.
Rosemary Clarke PhD Daniel Katz Representations of mortality in the work of Samuel Beckett.
Nicholas Collins PhD Thomas Docherty Sovereignty in early modern English literature and modern Irish literature.
Dominic Dean PhD Thomas Docherty The Child and Authority.
Dr Nesrin Degirmencioglu PhD - 2014 Maureen Freely 
Nick Lawrence
New York and Istanbul: transforming cities of modernisation.
Alireza Fakhrkonandeh PhD Thomas Docherty
Tony Howard 
Daniel Katz
Howard Barker's Theatre of Aporias: from the Phenomenological Body
to the Ontology of the Flesh, Questions of Aesthetics and Ethics in Barker's Work.
Benjamin Fowler PhD Tony Howard Negotiating Text and Performance in the work of Katie Mitchell and Thomas Ostermeier.
Julie Hudson MPhil Stephen Purcell 
Carol Rutter
The Environment on Stage: Scenery or Cultural Shapeshifter?
Philippe Jourdan PhD Emma Mason Christ and enjoyment: Reconfigurations of the Jesus figure in 20th century fiction.
Waiyee Loh PhD Ross Forman
Michael Gardiner
Contemporary women's neo-Victorian historical fiction and girls' comics (shōjo manga) in Britain and Japan.
James Mackay MPhil Michael Gardiner Poetics of the multitude: Nanni Balestrini and the aesthetics of autonomism.
Wing Haang Mak MPhil Rashmi Varma
Thomas Docherty
Narrative and Body in Modern and Comparative World Literature.
Christopher Maughan PhD Graeme Macdonald Environmental literature and activism.
Jack McGowan
PhD Emma Mason
David Morley
Slam the Book: The role of performance in contemporary UK poetry.
Claudio Murgia PhD Thomas Docherty Violence, identity and responsibility in contemporary global fiction.
Madolyn Nichols PhD Elizabeth Barry
Maria Luddy
Women Who Leave: Irish Literature and Anti-Emigration Propaganda.
Leah Phillips
PhD Emma Francis
Rachel Moseley

Myth (Un)Making: Female Heroes in YA Fantasy.
Emma Poltrack
PhD Carol Rutter The history and production practices of the Propeller Theatre Company.
Qiao Qingquan MPhil Ross Forman The image of China in the early 20th century: Dickinson, Russell and Maugham.
Matthew Rumbold MPhil Emma Mason Modernism, Regionalism and Religion: David Jones (1895 - 1974).
Joanna Rzepa PhD Emma Mason Modernism and Christianity: Rainer Maria Rilke, T. S. Eliot, Józef Wittlin.
Robert Starr PhD Elizabeth Barry Nailed to the rolls of honour, crucified': Irish literary responses to the Great War.
Sita Thomas PhD Tony Howard Multicultural Shakespeare: 1930-2012.
Stephanie Tillotson MPhil Carol Rutter Cross-gender casting women Shakespearean actors in the late 20th- early 21st century.
George Ttoouli PhD David Morley 
Nick Lawrence
Christopher Yiannitsaros PhD Emma Francis The “Middlebrow” Gothic of Agatha Christie.
Colonial and Postcolonial  
Sourit Bhattacharya MPhil Neil Lazarus
Violence and the framing of the narrative.
Christopher Davis PhD Neil Lazarus Postcolonial theory and its appropriation in literature.
Gurpreet Kaur PhD Rashmi Varma Women and Environment: Postcolonial Ecocriticism and Ecofeminism in Indian Novels in English.
Dr Gohar Khan PhD - 2014 Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee Narrating Pakistan Transnationally - Identity, Politics and Terrorism in Anglophone Pakistani Literature after 9/11.
Emmanuelle Rodriguez Dos Santos
PhD Paulo de Medeiros
Intra-colonial praxis of Portugeuse-speaking Africa.
Michael Yat-him Tsang PhD Rashmi Varma Anglophone Writing in Neo-colonial Hong Kong
Dr Nanthanoot Udomlamun PhD-2014 Neil Lazarus Materiality and Memory in Contemporary Diasporic and Postcolonial Literature.
Paul Whitehouse
PhD Nick Monk The function of violence in Native American literature.
Critical and Translation Theory    
Heba Elmasry PhD Cathia Jenainati A Comparative Study of Arthur John Arberry and Desmond O'Grady's Translations of the Seven Mu'allaqat.
Birgit Breidenbach MPhil Thomas Docherty
Emma Mason
Negotiating the Self: Mood in Literature.
Intira Bumrungsalee PhD - 2014 John Gilmore
Stephen Gundle
Translating Culture in Films: Subtitling in Thailand.
Catherine Charlwood PhD Elizabeth Barry Models of memory: cognition and cultural memory in the versification of Thomas Hardy and Robert Frost.
Kieran Gallagher MPhil Michael Gardiner Cultural Materialist Readings of the Contemporary British Social Novel.
Eddie Shengchi Hsu MPhil John Gilmore Gender and sex in the English translations of selected Taiwanese literary works.
Monica Martin-Castano PhD John Gilmore AV translations of songs from family and children's films.
Rhys Williams PhD Graeme MacDonald The representation of possibility: utopianism, realism and pollution in contemporary science fiction.


Part-time tutors

  • Mary Addyman - email M dot E dot Addyman at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Tuesday 11am-12pm, room H514.
  • Naomi Alsop - email Naomi dot Alsop at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Roxanne Bibizadeh - email R dot E dot Bibizadeh at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 5- 6pm, room H514.
  • Peter Blegvad - email Peter dot Blegvad at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Catherine Charlwood - email C dot J dot Charlwood at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Wednesday 9-10am in room H531 (term 1) and room H520 (terms 2 and 3).
  • James Christie - IAS Early Career Fellow from 1st October 2013. Email James dot Christie at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Friday 12pm, room H526.
  • Dr Arina Cirstea - Postdoctoral Associate Fellow. Email A dot Cirstea at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Friday 9-10am, room G.03 Millburn House.
  • Maria Cohut - email M-S dot Cohut at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 4-5pm, room H516.
  • Nicholas Collins - N dot J dot S dot Collins at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 11am-12pm:



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  • Rob Daniel - email Robert dot Daniel at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Tuesday 3-4pm, room H514.
  • Nesrin Degirmencioglu - IAS Early Career Fellow from 1st October 2013. Email [email].
  • Dr Rebecca Fisher - Postdoctoral Associate Fellow.
  • Ben Fowler - email [email][/email. Office hour: Tuesday 12:45-1:30pm and 4:30-5:15pm in Westwood Cafe (term 1). Tuesday 2:30-5:30pm in room H514 (terms 2 and 3).
  • Dr Amanda Hopkins - email Amanda dot Hopkins at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 5-6pm, room H516.
  • Phil Jourdan - email P dot A dot Jourdan at warwick dot ac dot uk.
  • Dr Claire Kenwood - Postdoctoral Associate Fellow.
  • Waiyee Loh - email W dot Y dot Loh at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Friday 10-11am, room H515.
  • Dr Charlotte Mathieson - IAS Research Associate Fellow.
  • Jack McGowan - email J dot T dot McGowan at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Monday 4-5pm, room H511.
  • Joseph Morrissey - IAS Early Career Fellow from 1st April 2013.
  • Birgitt Oehle - email Birgitt dot Oehle at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Tuesday 12-1pm, room H218.
  • Leah Phillips - email L dot B dot Phillips at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 2-3pm, room H515.
  • Dr Sarah Poynting - email S dot K dot Poynting at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 1-2pm, room H516.
  • Dr Sumaria Ray - Postdoctoral Associate Fellow.
  • Leila Rasheed - email L dot Rasheed at warwick dot ac dot uk.
  • Dr Yvonne Reddick - IAS Early Career Fellow from 1st April 2013.
  • Lisa Robertson - email lcatherinerobertson at gmail dot com. Office hour: Thursday 3-4pm, room H515.
  • Matthew Rumbold - email matthew dot rumbold at gmail dot com. Office hour: Monday 2-3pm, room H511.
  • Dr Kate Scarth - Postdoctoral Associate Fellow.
  • Svetlana Skomorkhova - IAS Early Career Fellow from 1st April 2013. Email S dot Skomorkhova at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 11am-12pm, room H516.
  • Emilie Taylor-Brown - email E dot A dot V dot Taylor-Brown at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 2-3pm, room H516.
  • Lee Thomas - email leedirect at mac dot com. Office hour: Friday 1:30-2:30pm, Writers' Room in Millburn House.
  • Michael Tsang - email Y dot H dot Tsang at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 5-6pm, room H515.
  • George Ttoouli - email G dot Ttoouli at warwick dot ac dot uk.
  • Mate Vince - IAS Early Career Fellow from 1st April 2013, Postdoctoral Associate Fellow. Email Mate dot Vince at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Tuesday 11am-12pm, room H537.
  • Sherah Wells - email Sherah dot Wells at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Thursday 1-2pm in room H531 (term 1) and room H520 (terms 2 and 3).
  • Paul Whitehouse - email P dot C dot Whitehouse at warwick dot ac dot uk.
  • Laura Wood - email L dot C dot Wood at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Tuesday 1-2pm, room H514.
  • Christopher Yiannitsaros - email C dot Yiannitsaros at warwick dot ac dot uk. Office hour: Monday 4-5pm, room G.03 Millburn House.
  • Dr Sun K Yoon - Postdoctoral Associate Fellow.

Master's students 2013-14

MA in English

  • Giacomo Belloli (AHRC)
  • Lauren Clarke
  • Sean Donnelly
  • Samuel Ghinai
  • Layla Hendow
  • Rachel Howatt
  • Paul Hughes
  • Hanna Khan
  • Tsai Hsuan Lin
  • Emma Middleton (2 year part-time)
  • Ayumi Nishi
  • Gillian Othen (2 year part-time)
  • James Owen
  • Jack Pusey
  • Thomas Stevenson
  • Alex Verbeek
  • Kristine White

MA in Writing

  • Lillie Almond
  • Elizabeth Baker (2 year part-time)
  • Eric Baron
  • Sohini Basak
  • Rachel Bell
  • Gwyneth Box (1 year part-time)
  • Linnet Brooks (1 year part-time)
  • Steven Brown
  • Michael Crowe
  • Christian Deery Dytham (1 year part-time)
  • Christopher Evans (1 year part-time)
  • Rupert Fryer (1 year part-time)
  • Cathy Galvin (1 year part-time)
  • Kevin Goltermann
  • Joseph Hughes (1 year part-time)
  • Thomas Hutchinson
  • Robyn Leigh (2 year part-time)
  • Rachel Llewellyn
  • Dominique Mackay
  • Nick Le Mesurier (2 year part-time)
  • Chia-Chan Mo
  • Richie O'Halloran
  • Daryl Ong
  • Cecilia Pyper (1 year part-time)
  • Clare Roberts (2 year part-time)
  • Charlotte Salter
  • Alexander Smith (1 year part-time)
  • Thomas Stewart
  • Avrina Joslin Thambi
  • Peter Waterhouse (2 year part-time)
  • Michael Watkinson (1 year part-time)
  • Alice Yousef

MA in World Literatures

  • Scott Harris
  • Amelia Hook

MA in Translation and Transcultural Studies

  • Ziyao Zhang
  • Mengyu Zhao
  • Chen Xu

Warwick Master of Fine Arts

  • Sebastian Averill
  • David Boyles (2 year part-time)
  • James Loveard
  • Jonathan Mycroft (2 year part-time)
  • Rachel Raymond
  • Florence Sunnen


  • Mizuho Kondo
  • Florence Thomas (1 year part-time)


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