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Dr. Jen Baker

Teaching Fellow in C19th and c20th Literature - teaches and lectures on the English and Comparative Literary Studies programme.

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies for First Years 2021-22.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • 2021-22 I am teaching Academic Enrichment for First Years; The English C19th Novel; Crime Fiction.




My research interests include the Gothic c.1760 – the present; monstrosity and childhood; death studies and the spectral; and movable and mechanical literary books. My wider interests include history of the book; medical humanities, folklore, and the relationship between image and text. I am in the process of producing my first monograph on haunting representations of child death in Anglophone literatures and iconography of the long c19th with Edinburgh University Press, due 2022.

I completed my PhD at the University of Bristol in 2017, where I was also a Senior Associate Tutor on the English UG degree and the English Literature and Community Engagement degree.

I am Co-Chief Editor of the journal HARTS & Minds for postgraduates and Early Career Researchers of the humanities and arts, and was an Early Career Research Officer for the British Association of Victorian Studies 2017-19.

Since Jan 2020 I am an Early Career Visiting Fellow for the Centre of Death and Society, University of Bath.

I am currently a convenor of research strands on "Evil" and "Children and Evil" as part of the "Evil Hub" (which is as cool as it sounds) for the interdisciplinary scholarly network Progressive Connexions. This brings together scholars and creative practitioners from all disciplines to consider the multifarious ways ideas of evil (or in particular children and evil) is represented and tackled with in various contexts, and stress the importance of collaborative work to understand the mechanics at play.

Previous Teaching

  • At previous institutions I have taught undergraduate modules on Critical Theory, Contemporary Writing (1945 to the present) and Literature 1830-1945, ‘Ways of Reading’, ‘The Short Story’, ‘American Literature’ and ‘Between Men and Women: Gender in Literature’.


  • EN334 Crime Fiction, Nation, and Empire, 1850-1947 (convenor)
  • EN245 The English C19th Novel (convenor)


  • MA module EN930 Nineteenth-Century Gothic (convener)
  • EN245 The English C19th Novel (convener)
  • EN227 Romantic and Victorian Poetry (tutor)
  • EN122 Modes of Reading (tutor).
  • July 2019 – Dec 2019, I was a Member of Expert Adjudication committee for a PhD on Monstrous Children in contemporary literature at the University of Oslo, Norway. 


  • EN2C2/3C2 The English C19th Novel (convenor)
  • EN2E7/3E7 Crime Fiction, Nation, and Empire, 1850-1947 (tutor)
  • EN2L4 Literature in Theory (co-convenor)


Minor Hauntings: Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth, ed. Jen Baker, Tales of the Weird series (British Library Publishing, May 2021)

Guest Editor, 'Gothic and the Short Form’, Gothic Studies, (Special Issue) 23:2, July 2021.

‘Death (un)Personified: Pronouns, Patriarchy, and the Child Ghost’, Vision, Contestation and Deception: Interrogating Gender and the Supernatural in Victorian Shorter Fiction, ed. Oindrila Ghosh (Avenel Press, 2021), pp.51-58.

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'Interactive and Movable Books in the Gothic Tradition’ in The Palgrave Gothic Handbook of Contemporary Gothic, ed. Clive Bloom (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), pp.919-937.

‘Childhood’ and co-contributed entries on ‘Child Abuse’ and ‘Orphans’ with Dr Ailise Bulfin, Companion to Victorian Popular Fiction, ed. Kevin Morrison (McFarland, 2018), pp.40-2; pp.42-3; pp.177-8;

‘An Invitation to a Beheading (and another to a Birthday Bash): Encountering Dracula in Contemporary Gothic Metamorphoses Books’ in Growing Up with Vampires: Essays on the Undead in Children's Media, eds. Simon Bacon and Katarzyna Bronk (Universitas, 2018), pp.29-46.

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‘Anxieties of (Un)Timely Child Death in Jude the Obscure’, Thomas Hardy Society Journal (Autumn, 2017)

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‘Betwixt-and Between: Reclaiming Childhood in Hook’ in Children in the Films of Steven Spielberg, ed. Adrian Schober and Debbie Olson (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016), pp.161-182.

Term 2
Office Hours:

Monday 11am - 12pm
Thursday 11am - 12pm

There are a mixture of in-person and online slots.

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