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Professor Michael Gardiner


Tel: ext. 73090

Office: FAB 5.55


Michael Gardiner has been at Warwick since 2007

Research interests

Twentieth-century cultural and literary history
Early twentieth-century Japanese cultural and literary history
Nationalism, empire, and Britishness
Cultural Theory
Nuclear deterrence and nuclear imperialism

Teaching and supervision

Current modules as on right. Recent and current PhD supervision includes work on: datings of capitalist realism; ideas of England in contemporary writing; London and hauntology; ideological roles of the mid-C20 British grammar school; neo-Victorian manga; comparative philosophy and the Kyoto School; the secret in contemporary fiction

Selected recent publications

Nuclear Fictions: Violence and the Narration of the Anglosphere (single-author book), EUP, 2024

'The Ecology of Place in Neil Gunn's Highland River and Nishida Kitarō's basho', Scottish Literary Review, forthcoming

'The Post-War Era', in ed. Duncan, The Cambridge History of Scottish Literature, CUP, forthcoming

Interviewed in Waiguo Wenxie Yanjiu/ Foreign Literature Studies Vol.45 No.6, 2023

'Tanizaki Jun'ichirō's In Praise of Shadows and Critical Transparency', Textual Practice, 2023

'Nuclear Weapons and Extinction as Progress', New Formations 107-108, 2023

'Extinction and Independence in Scottish Wilderness Writing', Études Anglaises, 2023

'Liberalism's Opiate Subjectivity: Dependency, Edinburgh, and Enlightenment', New Formations 103, 2021

editor and introduction, Orwell and England, Macmillan, 2020

(co-author) 'Lithic Agency, Scottish Modernism, and the Politics of Nuclear War', Textual Practice Vol.34 No.6, 2020

'The Anglosphere as a Principle of Progress', in eds. Wellings and Mycock, The Anglosphere: Continuity, Dissonance and Location, OUP, 2019

'Nuclear Deficit: Why Nuclear Weapons are Natural, but Scotland Doesn't Need Nature', Humanities 8-3, 2019

The British Stake in Japanese Modernity: Readings in Liberal Tradition and Native Modernism (single-author book), Routledge, 2019

'Spark Versus Homo Economicus', Textual Practice 32-9, 2018

'Brexit and the Aesthetics of Anachronism', in ed. Eaglestone, Brexit and Literature, Routledge, 2018

'Eco-catastrophe, arithmetic patriotism, and the Thatcherite promise of nature', New Formations 93, 2018

Office Hours 2023-24:

Tuesday 16.00-17.00
Wednesday 16.00-17.00
FAB 5.55


Modules taught 2023-24:

EN2C7/ EN3C7 Devolutionary British Fiction (also convenor)

EN9C1 Critical Theory Today (also convenor)

PH107 Problems in Philosophy and Literature (also co-convenor)

BA Dissertations/ Personal Research Projects

MA Dissertations

Convenor, MA in Critical and Cultural Theory

Convenor, BA Philosophy and Literature

Modules resting 2023-24:

EN2K7/ EN3K7 Twentieth Century Avant-Gardes

EN2G5/ EN3G5 Disasters and the British Contemporary

Modules taught 2024-25 (Term One):

ENxxx Haunted Britain (term one)

EN9C1 Critical Theory Today

PH107 Problems in Philosophy and Literature (also co-convenor)

BA Dissertations/ Personal Research Projects

MA Dissertations