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Professor Michael Gardiner


Tel: ext. 73090

Humanities Building, University Road
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


Michael Gardiner has been at Warwick since 2007, and has held posts in Scotland, the US, and Japan.

Research interests

British cultural and political history; questions of nationhood and agency; ecocriticism; nuclear weapons.

Teaching and supervision

BA options include:

Currently supervising projects on world literature, ecocriticism, and English agency.

Selected publications

MOST RECENT PUBLICATIONS (look here for current interests):

'The Anglosphere as a Principle of Progress', in eds. Wellings and Mycock, The Anglosphere: Continuity, Dissonance and Location (BA/ OUP, 2019 forthcoming)

The British Stake in Japanese Modernity: Readings in Liberal Tradition and Native Modernism (Routledge, 2019 forthcoming)

'Spark Versus Homo Economicus', Textual Practice 32-9, 2018

(co-author) 'Lithic Agency, Scottish Modernism, and the Politics of Nuclear War', Textual Practice, 2018

'Brexit and the Aesthetics of Anachronism', ed. Robert Eaglestone, Brexit and Literature, Routledge 2018

'Eco-catastrophe, arithmetic patriotism, and the Thatcherite promise of nature', New Formations 93, 2018

'Thatcherism as an extension of consensus', eds. Golder and McLoughlin, The Politics of Legality in a Neoliberal Age, Routledge 2018


Time and Action in the Scottish Independence Referendum, Palgrave, 2015

(co-author) The Public on the Public: The British Public as Trust, Reflexivity and Political Foreclosure, Palgrave 2014

The Constitution of English Literature, Bloomsbury 2013

The Return of England in English Literature, Palgrave 2012

At the Edge of Empire: The Life of Thomas B. Glover, Birlinn 2008; Japanese edition Iwanami 2012

Scottish Critical Theory Since 1960, EUP 2006

Escalator, Polygon 2006

Modern Scottish Culture, EUP 2005

The Cultural Roots of British Devolution, EUP 2004

co-editor and contributor, Literature of an Independent England, Palgrave 2013

co-editor and intro, Scottish Literature and Postcolonial Literature, EUP 2011

co-editor and contributor, The Edinburgh Companion to Muriel Spark, EUP 2010

and other book chapters and journal articles on Scot Lit, political and cultural history, Anglo-Japanese issues, short stories

Office Hours 2018-19

Tue 16.00-17.00

Weds 11.00-12.00

(Except Term Three Week Nine, no office hours)