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Professional & Academic Experience

Humanities Research Centre Postgraduate Scholar

Humanities Research Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK (October 2011–June 2012)

  • Successfully applied to be part of this select group of humanities students
  • Shared work in progress to garner peer feedback and support
  • Worked towards the production of a joint project which draws on our separate projects but creates a coherent whole

Research Assistant

Dr. Morgan Gardner, Faculty of Education, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada (November 2008–September 2009)

  • Assisted in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded project Youth Engagement in Educational Change
  • Collaboratively filmed, edited, and produced a 2.5 hour video Youth Engagement in Educational Change
  • Engaged in the research as a participatory action research team member
  • Organized logistics for team meetings
  • Compiled in-depth literature reviews

Book Review Editor

postscript: a journal of graduate criticism and theory, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada (September 2006–September 2009)

  • Solicited review copies of books from publishers
  • Edited and chose reviews to be included
  • Worked closely with reviewers and other editors

Research Assistant

Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty of Education, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada (April 2008–May 2009)

  • Assisted in SSHRC-funded project Strengthening Students’ Second-Language Communication Skills; Community-University Research Alliance (CURA, SSHRC) funded project Classroom Study: Learner-Centred E-Teaching.
  • Presented projects at national, provincial, and local conferences
  • Performed research tasks, such as transcribing interviews, coding data, and completing semi-structured analysis of data
  • Edited academic papers in preparation for submission to peer-reviewed journals
  • Created brochures and videos to disseminate research findings to professional communities


The Osprey, Natural History Society of NL, Canada, February–December 2008

  • Edited submissions
  • Worked closely with submitters on edits
  • Redesigned journal lay-out & formatted each issue (with Adobe InDesign)
  • Served on society executive committee

Research/Editorial Assistant, The Foundling Hospital for Wit (1743–1749)

Dr. Donald Nichol, Department of English Language & Literature, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada (May–August 2007)

  • Edited an 18th-century text, The Foundling Hospital for Wit (1743–1749)
  • Prepared the text for a modern audience
  • Researched obscure historical and cultural references
  • Wrote explanatory footnotes

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