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Here is a select bibliography that reflects the scope of my project and the main areas of my enquiry: the suburbs, the home, London, and space. The former includes historical and literary studies on the suburbs in the Romantic-period and through to the present. The section on home includes theoretical, historical, and literary accounts that reference both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and postmodernism. The London section is primarily historical focusing on the period at hand, but also includes more general historical and theoretical engagement with the city/the urban. Works that have been important to this project and that do not easily fit in one of the above sections, I have included under the final key element of my thesis--space. I have divided this section into works that specifically reference the Romantic period either those by historians or contemporaries and those that are more general or focused on the present day yet are still useful for me such as postmodern, marxist, and feminist spatial theory and geography.

The Suburbs

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The Home

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London/The City

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Space - in the Romantic Period

{according to historians and contemporaries}

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Space - Postmodern, Marxist & Feminist Spatial Theory

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