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Dr Christopher Maughan


I am an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) researching urban food systems and cultures. I am specifically interested in exploring the obstacles (cultural, infrastructural, socio-technical, policy-related, or otherwise) currently preventing the mainstreaming of urban community agroecology. I am also a practitioner of urban gardening: I help to manage three community gardens across Coventry and run the community food project, 'Food Union' for the Pod (a Coventry City Council mental health and community arts service).

I completed my PhD in 2015 which examined the cultural representation of environmental activism, with a specific emphasis on agricultural sites of resistance.





2015/16 - Introduction to Alternative Lifeworlds

2015/16 - Modes of Reading 

2014/15 - Modern World Literatures 

2014/15 - Reimaging the University

2013-16 - Human Animal Studies

2012/13 - Modes of Reading


Christopher Maughan

C dot J dot Maughan at warwick dot ac dot uk