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'Death, Disease and Discontent: The Monstrous Reign of the Supervirus' 10th Global Conference for Monsters and the Monstrous - Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil (Mansfield College, Oxford) 10-12 Sept 2012.

'A Parasite by Any Other Name: Depictions of Parasitism in Contemporary Popular Culture' Humanities Postgraduate Research Symposium (Keele University) 24th May 2012.


'Byron and Chaos Theory: A Romantic Paradox' Student Byron Conference (Edgehill University) 25th May 2011.

Also attended:

Victorian Things Revisited: MIVSS Meeting (Keele University) 29th June 2012.
Byron: Romantic Icon: Student Byron Conference (Edge Hill University) 23rd May 2012. [Review In Press]
Monsters: Subject, Object, Abject. (Manchester Museum) 12-13 April 2012. [Reviewed Online]
Borders in the Long 19th Century: MIVSS/MRS Meeting (Loughborough University) 12th January 2012.


Two Cultures or Coevolution? Literature and Science 1800-Present (Keele University) 12th May 2012.