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Extracurricular Activities

WWPS chapbookChapbook produced by the Warwick Writing Programme for Schools (2011/12) team, featuring the creative work of the Year Three pupils from St John's

Panel Q&A
Panel Q&A at 'Marginal Cartographies'

Reading Groups

I am the initiator and organiser of the postgraduate Gothic Literature Reading Group, conceived as an informal space for students (and staff alike) to pursue their interest in a varied array of texts which can be described as 'Gothic', from early eighteenth-century novels to 'modern' twentieth- and twenty-first century works.


Contributions to The Gothic Imagination (University of Stirling) blog:

Contributions to The Victorianist, the British Association for Victorian Studies postgraduate blog:

Contributions to the International Gothic Association postgraduate blog:

Conferences and Symposiums

I was a co-organiser of Marginal Cartographies: Researching Beyond Borders (academic year 2011/12), the sixth annual postgraduate interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. I also chaired several interdisciplinary sessions therein.


I worked as a volunteering tutor within the Warwick Writing Programme for Schools (2011/12), where I co-led a series of creative writing workshops for a group of Year Three pupils at St John's C of E Primary School, Coventry.