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Dr Heba El Masry

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. My doctoral research investigates the different approaches that Arthur John Arberry and Desmond O'Grady adopt to the rendering of the seven Mu'allaqat into English in light of the socio-political circumstances that shaped the receiving literary fields.

Back home in Egypt, I am an assistant lecturer at the Department of English and I was awarded MA in translation studies in 2010. My MA thesis,titled "Problems in the Traslation of Cultural Componenets in Taha Hussein's Novel Al-Ayam (the Days)", investigates the difficulty of tranalsating a culture-bound text between two remote cultures.

I am funded by the Egyptian government.

Academically, my interests revolve around cultural translation and postcolonial studies.

Personally; I am interested in photography, drawing, music, and languages. I am teaching Spanish classes with World@Warwick.

Heba Fawzy