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Public Engagement

Interdisciplinary project "Chinese Voices of COVID-19" column "Pride and Prejudice" hosted by departments of English and Comparative Literary Studies, History, and International Political Relations.

My friend Ni Leiyun from Warwick History Department and our friends from UK universities (mostly London) orgniased @chineseagainstracistvirus to raise awareness of racist issues faced by Asian communities in the U.K., after reports of physical and verbal abuse faced by Asian people in western countries since the coronavirus outbreak. Our protest in Trafalgar Square, London, on 16th Feb 2020 was reported by QuickTake Bloomberg

"Staging the National Consciousness: Wilde and China's Modernisation" Warwick China Talk Warwick China Development Society (WCDS). 

Queer Asia workshop

Working with the British Museum and Queer Asia

Very honoured to be the “ Face” of Dept. English and Comparative Literary Studies on @universityofwarwick PG prospectus.


Contribution to popularising Western "highbrow culture" to Chinese public through online blogging

【Art】Pre-Raphaelite School 101 :拉斐尔前派的由来 (The Coming of the PRB) Featured by Douban 豆瓣首页

【Art】Pre-Raphaelite School 101: 《沙洛特少女》里的秘密 (The Secret of The Lady of Shalott)

【 Art】Gucci-SS2018: How many Classical Reference can you tell? 逼格满满的设计,其中的典故你都看出了多少?

【Philosophy】Aristotle Boils Down 快读亚里士多德

Creative Writings

An attempt to translate W.B. Yeats' "When you are old" in Chinese ancient classical style or Shijing style. Best Translation in English department, SWUN

  • 2013: The Informant, Audio Play

participated in BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition

  • 2014: For a Lover, Sonnet

Performed in Warwick Slamming society

Presented in Talk Show hosted by Catherine Pearson at Warwick Student Radio Station (The RaW). This story is based on a Chinese idiom 掩耳盗铃

  • 2015: Romance of East Zhou Dynasty Part One: The Devil’s Concubine (Unfinished)

A novel written in English about stories happened in Eastern Zhou Dynasty 东周, mostly based on《 东周列国志》Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms.

  • 2016: Orders of Kings《君王令》

A novel written in Mandarin. This is a revenge story sets in a historical period AD 580 - 619 from the end of North Dynasty (North Zhou) 北周 to Sui Dynasty 隋朝. To be published.

Media presence:

inst @dr.deewoo

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Fashion/Culture Influencer


Fashion and Social Columnist

hyjPicture credit: photographer Sun Jun for Bazaar China, featuring actress Fan Bingbing in Princess Yang Guifei's costume, remade with my translation of Yeat's When you are old