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Books and edited collections

- Shakespeare on the Global Stage: Performance and Festivity in the Olympic Year (editor with Erin Sullivan). Chapter: 'Shakespeare and the Dream of Olympism'. Arden / Bloomsbury, 2015.

- Reviewing Shakespeare: Journalism and Performance from the eighteenth century to the present. Cambridge University Press, 2013: 224pp.

- A Year of Shakespeare: Reliving the World Shakespeare Festival (editor with Paul Edmondson and Erin Sullivan). Introduction and reviews of Macbeth and Troilus and Cressida. Arden / Bloomsbury, April 2013: 320pp.

- 'Nothing if not critical': International Perspectives on Shakespearean Theatre Reviewing (editor with Janice Valls-Russell and Peter J Smith). Cahiers Élisabéthains 40th Anniversary Special Issue (2012): 152pp.

- Reviewing Shakespearean Theatre: The State of the Art (editor with Peter J Smith and Paul Edmondson). Shakespeare 6.3 (2010) Special edition of the journal of the British Shakespeare Association; Routledge: 127pp.

- Richard III (Palgrave Shakespeare Handbooks, general ed. John Russell Brown; 2006): 186pp.

Articles, Chapters, Introductions

- ‘Shakespeare and the Theatre’. Book chapter in Shakespeare’s Creative Legacies (eds. Paul Edmondson and Peter Holbrook. Arden, 2016): pp. 11–27.

- ‘Shakespeare on the Road: Celebrating Shakespeare in North America in 2014’. Book chapter co-authored with Paul Edmondson in Shakespeare Jubilees 1864 – 2014 (eds. Christa Jansohn and Dieter Mehl, Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2015): pp. 301-315.

- ‘The Play in Performance’, in William Shakespeare, Richard III, based on the New Folger Shakespeare Editions. Created by Elliott Visconsi and Katherine Rowe, eds. Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine, dir. Emma Smith. Luminary Digital Media, 2014. iPad Application.

- '"The eternal glory of Mr W, the United States, and the Method": Sam Wanamaker, Stanislavskian', Shakespeare Bulletin 31:4 (2013): 599-622.

- 'Open-Space Shakespeare: Teaching Measure for Measure in Three Dimensions', Teaching English (The Magazine for the National Association of the Teaching of English [NATE]) Issue 1, Spring 2013: 63-67.

- ‘Sam Wanamaker’ (30,000 words) in Great Shakespeareans Vol 15 (ed. Cary Mazer; Bloomsbury 2013).

- ‘Teaching Middleton through Performance’ (with Jonny Heron and Nick Monk) in Performing Early Modern Drama Today (eds. Kathryn Prince and Pascale Aebischer, CUP; 2012).

- ‘Chapter 4: Endings’ in Shakespeare and the Making of Theatre (eds. Stuart Hampton-Reeves and Bridget Escolme, Palgrave; 2012).

- The Greenwood Shakespeare Encyclopedia (ed. Patricia Parker, 2012) – multiple entries on actors, directors and theatres.

- ‘Rory Kinnear’ in The Routledge Companion to Actors’ Shakespeare (ed. John Russell Brown; 2011).

- ‘Shakespeare and Popular Culture’ in The New Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare (eds. Stanley Wells and Margreta de Grazia, CUP: 2010).

- ‘Declan Donnellan’, Routledge Companion to Directors’ Shakespeare (ed. John Russell Brown, 2008): pp.69-85.

- ‘Introduction to Coriolanus’, New Penguin Shakespeare, revised edition (2005): pp.xxi-lxxvii

- ‘Inheriting the Globe: the Reception of Shakespearian Space and Audience in Contemporary Reviewing’, in The Blackwell Companion to
Shakespeare and Performance
(eds. Barbara Hodgdon and W.B. Worthen, 2005): pp.359-75.

- ‘Hamlet: The Play in Performance’, New Penguin Shakespeare, revised edition (2005): pp.lix-lxxi

- ‘Doing All That Becomes A Man: The Reception and Afterlife of the Macbeth Actor, 1744-1889’, Shakespeare Survey 57 (2004): pp.81-95.

- Theatre and book reviews in New Theatre Quarterly, Shakespeare Bulletin, Shakespeare, Cahiers Élisabéthains