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C21 Global Victorians: When East Meets West

A One-day Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Warwick

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Venue: H3.02 & H3.05, Humanities Building, University of Warwick, England

Friday 15th February 2019

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Regenia Gagnier, University of Exeter

Professor Stefano Evangelista, University of Oxford

NB: This conference does not cover participants' travel bursary nor accommodation, you can book our on-campus accommodation here

Conference Posters: Designed by Dee Wu

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Photo: The Peacock Room |Courtesy of the Freer | Sackler

The images of the Other usually stage the national consciousness of the native/Self (C. Marez, 2015).

Each society imagines the other based on its own social, political, religious and ethical tradition, spiritual paradigms, and perspectives on humanity and the world. The description of foreigners touches on the things that are most intrinsic and most fundamental to any society or culture. “A society’s view of foreigners may at times be one of disinterest, or curiosity, or rapturous approval, or unjust condescension or hatred. But the reasons for this infatuation or repulsion are in themselves always enlightening.” (J. Gernet,1994). The problematic term “Oriental” abounds fascinating arguments, and have already developed into an established school in post-colonial studies since the publication of Edward Said’s Orientalism (1978). It seems that the Western images in Eastern context, however, comparatively received less scholarly attention. Therefore, while exploring the Asian images in the long 19th-century art and literature, this conference also wishes to address a reversed gaze at the “exotic” Occidental Other to present that such intercultural exchanges between the two are in fact mutual. The Victorian style is also a major commercial inspiration in the creative industry in the 21st century. The increasingly popular Neo-Victorian trend in films and the fashion arena is encouraging an examination of such “exotic” images in a modern interpretation.

This event aims to create a multi-disciplinary forum where Victorianists and scholars interested in material culture of the Victorian era, in general, to discuss different approaches to study the cultural interchanges between the two sides of the globe – with a focus on East and South East Asia – within the framework of the long 19th century and its legacy in the 21st, highlighting the interconnections between the “Oriental” and the “Occidental”.

We welcome expressions of interest for papers of 15 minutes long.

Please send your abstracts entitled with your name as the document name (of up to 250 words) to c21globalvictorians at gmail dot com by 10th October ( extended to 10th November ) 2018.

Possible themes, approaches, and topics might include:

• Otherness and diaspora

• Orientalism in Aestheticism

• Neo-Victorian Aestheticism in the Orient

• Victorian Material Cultures

• Chinoiserie

• Japonism

• Wildeana

• Beardsleyana

• Sexuality and gender

• Consuming the Victorians

• Dandyism and Fashion

• Neo-Victorian in manga/anime/video games

NB: This conference has a geographical focus. We welcome any studies on the relations between the British Empire/ the United Kingdoms and countries and regions of East Asia and South-East Asia


Conference Programme


Publishing opportunities:

  • This conference is funded by the Humanities Research Centre and the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. The outcome of this project will be considered for the Warwick Series in the Humanities (with Routledge) publication.
  • In addition, Routledge's senior editor has directly contacted the organiser to inquire an interest in publishing a book of the conference papers for their new series Modern History since 1800.
doriangray-musical-korea-07.jpgSouth Korean Musical Dorian Gray: A New Musical (2016) starred by Kim Junsu. Picture Credit: Stellar Sisters


Conference Organiser:

Dee Wu (吴荻) University of Warwick

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For any queries, please email:

c21globalvictorians at gmail dot com

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Bazaar's "The Oriental Gentleman" featuring actor Chang Chen 张震 in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton |Bazaar China 2015| photographed by Sun Jun (孙郡)

anna and the kingBook cover of Anna and the King of Siam by Magaret Landon

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