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Dee Wu



2015-2019 Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literary Studies: University of Warwick (GB)

Chinese Scholarship Council-Warwick Joint Ph.D. Scholarship

Supervisor: Dr. Ross Forman Mentor: Dr. Chantal Wright

2014-2015 MA (Merit) in English Literature - Victorian Route: University of Warwick (GB)

2009-2014 BA (Distinction) in English: Southwest Minzu University and Tsinghua University (P.R.China)

Other Education Programmes

2017 Visting Scholar at the School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University (USA)

With tuition fee reduction + department travel funding

2016 Visiting Scholar at the Institue of Wolrd Literature, Harvard University (USA)

With full tuition fee waiver + award funding + department travel funding

2012 - 3 Exchange Student at St. Edmund Hall College, University of Oxford (GB)

With Excellence Course grade 1/30

2012 -3 Exchange Student at Churchill College, University of Cambridge (GB)

With Excellence Course grade 1/30


My Research

My current research has emerged from my MA dissertation and lies in the area of reception studies and data-informed approaches to literary studies, a recent but rapidly growing area within the subfield of World Literature and within literary and cultural studies more broadly. I am examining the translation, circulation, and critical and popular reception of Oscar Wilde’s work in China from the late nineteenth century to the present. How, I ask, was interest in, or disgust of Wilde tied to the changing politics in China and China’s interpretation of modernity? What works were canonised through their inclusion in textbooks, and how did the aftermath of the Wilde’s trails affect his reputation in China before and after the Communist Revolution? How are Wilde’s persona and body read as advertising texts (for beauty masks, cologne, perfumes and so forth) in the contemporary Chinese market? Why is it Wilde instead of other writers from the Western world who claim such popularity especially among young Chinese women?

Scholars usually consider aestheticism merely as a historical phenomenon, yet I argue that both Wilde’s work and his persona have been vital commodities consumed in China, as post-aesthetic literary production. My current focus is the reception of Wilde in contemporary China in terms of cultural materialism. I argue that Wilde’s work, along with his performance as a dandy, has special relevance to countries like China that are struggling with the post-industrial process of commercialisation and globalisation.

Currently I'm doing the Aesthetic Movement’s reception and its afterlife in fashion and film industry in the Orient; I am working on the representation of British Gentlemen/Dandies with case studies of Oscar Wilde’s works and advertisements appropriating Wildean dandies as spokesmen for beauty masks, cologne, men’s fashion wear etc. to explore the reversed racial fetishistic gaze and the objectified masculinity.

Further Research Interests:
  • Nineteenth-century English literature, especially Aestheticism and Decadence
  • Aesthetic Movement in fine art (esp. Pre-Raphaelite)
  • Fashion and dandyism
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Literature and visual culture
  • Literature and material culture
  • Popular, fan and folk cultures
  • Internet culture and society
  • Sociology of literature and culture

Research Interest in terms of (Historical) Geographical Areas:

  • British Empire
  • Late Qing Empire (1842-1912), Republican China (1912-1949), Mainland China
  • Meiji Japan, Joseon ( after 1871 Shinmiyangyo)
  • Siam, Khmer, Vietnam
  • Russian Empire and Soviet Union


Academic Publications


  • 2018: Humanities Research Fund for One-Day Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Warwick (£400)
  • 2018: Department Supportive Funding, English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick (£200)
  • 2017: Humanities Research Fund, University of Warwick (£300)
  • 2017: nominee of 2016-17 Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduates who Teach
  • 2017: Scholarship from School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University ($900)
  • 2017: Student Presenter Invited by University of São Paulo with Full Fare Coverage
  • 2016: Department International Conferences Additional Bursary (£500)
  • 2016: Full Tuition Fee Waiver from IWL Harvard University ($1,800)
  • 2015: Warwick-CSC Joint Ph.D. Scholarships for Chinese Students (6/Warwick Chinese Applicants)
  • 2013: Outstanding Graduation Thesis of English Department (2/189)
  • 2013: Excellent Coursework Grade in CEEDS Exchange Programme at Oxford & Cambridge University (1/30)
  • 2012: Chinese National Scholarship for Outstanding University Student (1/189, ¥8000≈£940)
  • 2012: Southwest Minzu University ’ 1st Prize Scholarship (4/189, ¥2000≈£235)
  • 2012: Honorary Title for Comprehensive Quality of University Student (1/425)
  • 2011: Chinese Ministry of Finance Funding for College Students’ Research Project (1/1200, ¥17, 000≈£1,997)
  • 2011: Champion of Sichuan & Chongqing Region of the China Daily 21st Century Cup National English Speech Competition
  • 2010: Outstanding Student of Southwest Minzu University (6/189)
  • 2010: SIFE (now Enactus) China National Competition 1st Prize + Environmental Sustainability Award. (Team Awards, me as Project Manager)

Dee wu

吴 荻 Wú Dí

Dee Woo

D dot Wu at warwick dot ac dot uk

Office Hour: TBA

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And the art of life is the art of defiance. To defy. That is what we ought to live for, instead of living, as we do, to acquiesce.

- Robert Hichens, The Green Carnation


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Member of British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS)

Member of North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA)

Member of Translators Association of China (TAC)

Fashion Columnist at Resonate: Global voices on East Asian issues

I am a man who loves beautiful yet useless things.

The moon. The stars. The Sun.
Flowers. Lakes. Jokes.

Things like that.

- Kim Hui Seong, Mr. Sunshine (2018)


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