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Teaching and learning

We don’t follow the traditional path of ‘study the text, understand the text, write about the text’. We put texts on their feet. Yes, we’ll make you more passionate about books, but we’re more interested in igniting your feelings about the world around you.

Studying literature will make you confident, it will make you question, it will energise and it will enrage.



You can choose from an array of modules to suit your academic, creative, social, and career interests, and take the direction that’s best for you.

Innovative teaching

In collaboration with Warwick's Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, we are continually seeking new ways of engaging our students in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

Beyond the classroom

Share your passion for English with students in local secondary schools - enhancing your personal development and showing them the benefits of an English degree.


Undergraduate research

We're ranked 1st in the UK for our research (REF, 2014). The final year dissertation/research project and the Undergaduate Research Support Scheme provide opportunities to undertake your own.


World-leading academics

Passion is fundamental to what we do. It’s why our research is ranked top in the UK and why among us we hold the highest concentration of awards for teaching excellence in the University.

Study abroad

Studying in another country can add to your skill set and broaden your outlook. All students have the opportunity to apply for a year abroad, which adds to the duration of your degree.