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Why study with us?


Experience a place of passion, freedom, and distinction.

English at Warwick gives you the chance to take an unexpected step. Uncover startling revelations. Awaken your passions.

'Passionate’ is the word that springs to mind for our teachers and researchers. They’re amongst the best: our department is rated as one of the top 20 in the world and we are home to nationally-recognised teachers. It describes our students too – they love to learn, and are impassioned about the state of the world. They’re the kind of people that you’ll want to make friends with.

Another word that’s important at Warwick: ‘freedom’. Freedom to learn, through an enormous array of modules to suit your interests and through a range of innovative assessment techniques too. Freedom to follow your own path and create a degree that reflects who you are.

And Warwick is distinct. We’re in the heart of Shakespeare country, just a bus ride from the Royal Shakespeare Company and the inspirational landscape of the Forest of Arden. Closer to home there’s the internationally-renowned Warwick Arts Centre in the middle of campus and a thriving student media scene. We’re proud of the rich literary heritage of our region, once home to George Eliot, Rupert Brooke, and Philip Larkin.

It all makes for an experience that’s different from other universities. By taking English at Warwick, you’ll be writing the next chapter in your story.

English at Warwick 2017 infographic