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Departmental Conversations

 Sir John Tenniel's Classic Illustrations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  | by Public Domain Review | Alice's Adventures In Wonderland | Medium

'What is the use of a book,' thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations?'

Warwick's ECLS presents a series of informal conversations about student and staff research. These conversations consider our research: what we're doing, how we do it, how we plan it, and why it matters. There will be no assigned readings, and all ECLS students--undergraduate and postgraduate--are most welcome.

File:Alice par John Tenniel 30.png - Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday 4 May, 11am- 2pm – Oculus OC1 .06
  1. Student forum: dissertations (11-1pm)
    An undergraduate-led forum on dissertation projects undertaken next year--recommended for all dissertation-writers in 2022-3. Confirmed speakers include: Riya Myanger, Edward Hodgson, Miruna Constantinescu. This session will involve some planning time for dissertations--please come with a proposed topic and a sense of what your main texts might be.
  2. Dr. Ross Forman, "Working with Queer Archives," 1pm-2pm.


File:Alice par John Tenniel 35.png - Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday 11 May, 1pm- 4pm – FAB 5.01
  1. Dr. Elizabeth Barry, 1pm-2pm
    "Health Humanities, Aging, and the Lifecourse"
  2. Prof. Paulo de Medeiros, 2pm-3pm
    "The Care of Others" (addressing Kazuo Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun)
  3. Dr. Michael Meeuwis, 3pm-4pm
    "Woke Austen"

File:Alice par John Tenniel 42.png - Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday 18 May, 1pm- 4pm – FAB 2.43
  1. Prof. Paul Botley, 1pm-2pm
    "The censorship of early modern letter collections: how to spot it, and what to do about it."
  2. Prof. Emma Mason, 2pm-3pm
    "Religion and Literature"
  3. Dr. Justin Tackett, 3pm-4pm
    "Intersectionality: Connecting sexuality, gender, race, class, and other identities"