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Workshop: Breakups in Britain: gender, class and romantic rupture in an age of emotional peril

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Location: RHS

One-day workshop and ideas-exchange, RHS, London, Sep 30 2022

The period following the introduction of no-fault divorce in 1971 was one of unprecedented relational turmoil - within and outside marriage. This workshop explores relationships and their failure, threatened or real, in late 20th century Britain from a variety of perspectives. Questions addressed include: how can thinking about relationship strain and failure, and its causes, redraw our analysis of the balance between the personal/psychological and the social/cultural and political/legal? How does gender shape breakups, or the sense of relationship failure, and the emotional response to it? How did people make sense of and choreograph their relationship endings, and how did this process work alongside changes in gender politics, legislation and legal norms, including conciliation and mediation? What does the changing history of relationship breakups reveal about selfhood and autonomy? How did those in couples deploy or use emotional strain to excuse or bring about breakups, and how was the aftermath of the rupture assimilated into their lives?

Remaining spaces are limited, those interested should contact

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