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Emeritus and Other Former Academic Staff

Emeritus Professors

For the full list of University emeritus professors see: Please also see the list of History Department emeritus staff academic publications.

Emeritus Readers

For the full list of University emeritus readers see: Please also see the list of History Department emeritus staff academic publications.

  • Humfrey Butters, MA, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS

  • Henry Cohn, MA, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS

  • William Dusinberre, BA Swarthmore, MA, PhD Col

  • Fred Reid, BA Edinburgh, PhD Queen's College Oxford

  • Iain Smith, MA Edin & Wisc, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS

Former Academic Staff

  • Alan Armstrong, 1968-70, agrarian history

  • James Baldwin, 2014-2016, The legal, social and political history of Ottoman Egypt during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

  • Volker Berghahn, c1976-90, Chair 1977-80, 19-20th c German history

  • Trevor Burnard, 2007-11, Chair 2009/10, British Atlantic world; colonial Caribbean history; history of slavery

  • Alice Brooke, Colonial Latin American literature; drama and religion; early modern women´s writing; contemporary Latin American poetry by women

  • Howard Chiang, 2012-2016, Modern Chinese History and Cultural Studies; History of Science and Medicine; Gender, Sexuality, and the Body; Sinophone Postcolonial Studies; Critical Theory and Quantitative Methodology in the Social Sciences

  • Chris Clark, Professor of 19th c American history

  • Robin Clifton, 1965, retired c.2000, early modern England, war and history

  • Edward Countryman, c.1973-90, 18th-19th c US history

  • Manuel Covo, 2015-2016, the history of the Caribbean and North America in the Atlantic world

  • Stephane van Damme, 2007-09, modern French history

  • Angela Davis, 2007-2018, The history of motherhood in post-war Britain and Jewish maternity in England and Israel, with an emphasis on oral history
  • John Davis, c1971-92, 19th century Italian history

  • Bronwen Everill, 2011-13, history of humanitarian movements and their connections to European and American imperial expansion in Africa in the nineteenth and early twentieth century

  • Margot Finn, 2002-12, Chair 2006-09, 19th century British social and cultural history of gender, consumption and law

  • Anthony Glees, 1970s, history of intelligence

  • Gabriel Glickman, 2012-2015, British politics and religion c.1660-1750, concentrating on the significance of the international context

  • Austin Gough, 1965, modern French history

  • Sir John Hale, 1964-69, founding Chair, Professor of Italian

  • Royden Harrison, Director of the Centre for Social History, labour history

  • Alistair Hennessy, OBE, MA, DPhil Oxf

  • Chris Hess, 2007-12, modern Chinese history

  • Steve Hindle, 1995-2011, Chair 2010-11, early modern English social history

  • Gerd-Rainer Horn, 2001-12, Professor of Twentieth century history, transnational continental Western European social movements from the 1920s to the 1980s; antifascism and resistance movements; New Left and "1968"; progressive Catholicism

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim, 1965-68, religion and society

  • Colin Jones, Chair 1998-2001, 18th c France, medical history

  • Henry Kamen, 1966-92, early modern Spanish history

  • Lionel Kochan, c1970-94, Jewish history

  • Joan Lane, c1975-98, history of medicine

  • Mia Lee, 2009-12, history of modern Germany

  • Robin Lenman, 1969-70, modern German history

  • Mark Levene, Jewish history

  • Gwynne Lewis, BA Wales, MA Manc, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS

  • Mathew Lockwood, 2016-17, History of crime, criminal justice and the law in early modern Britain; comparative legal history; history of institutions, administration and state formation; social history of the early modern British world; gender, ethnicity and immigration in early modern Britain and the Americas; the making of the modern state

  • Martin Lowry, c1970, Italian Renaissance, early history of the book

  • Roger Magraw, BA, DPhil Oxf

  • Patrick Major, 1991-2008, modern German history

  • Michael Mallett, OBE, MA, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS

  • Tony Mason, c1970-2000, Director of the Centre for Social History, 19th-20th social, labour and sport history

  • Celeste McNamara, 2015-18, Early Modern Italy; Protestant and Catholic Reformations; Medieval and Early Modern Christianity
  • John Miller, mid 1970s

  • Rana Mitter, c1995-2000, 20th c Chinese history

  • David Montgomery, c1969-71/2

  • Adam Morton, 2012-13, Visual culture and Anti-Catholicism in early modern England, from the Reformation to the Glorious Revolution

  • Callum MacDonald, c1975-94, Professor of US Foreign Policy

  • Hugh McLeod- c1970-2, 19th century religious history

  • Julia McClure, 2015-2017, Pre-Modern Global History, The Spanish Empire, The History of Poverty, The transatlantic World, Global Intellectual History

  • David Nye, 2004-06, Professor of American history

  • Jim Obelkevich, mid 1970s, 18th-19th social history

  • Dick Parker, 1965-70/1

  • Chris Pearson, 2010-12, Modern French history; environmental history, especially the environmental history of war; animal history

  • Mike Shepherd, c1972-c1983, 18th century British history

  • Emma Spary, 1995- c2000, history of science

  • E P Thompson, 1965-late 70s, founder of Centre for Social History

  • Selina Todd, 2005-07, 20th century British history

  • Malcolm Vale, 1969-71, early modern French history

  • Dror Wahrman, 1995-c2001, 18th-19th century British history

  • David Washbrook, c1974-92, Indian history