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Emeritus Reader Dr Roger Magraw

Roger Magraw

The History Department is sad to announce the passing of Emeritus Reader Roger Magraw on 23rd November 2014. A copy of his obituary is available online.

Academic Profile

  • Degrees: B.A.(Oxford)1965; B.Phil. (Oxford) 1967
  • Assistant Lecturer, University of Leeds, 1967-68
  • Lecturer, University of Warwick, 1968-93
  • Senior Lecturer, University of Warwick, 1993-2006
  • Emeritus Reader, University of Warwick, 2006-present
  • External Examiner for History B.A., University of Portsmouth, 1990-93
  • External Examiner for History M.A., University of Cardiff, 1995-96
  • External Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis, University of Northumbria, 2000
  • Deputy Review Editor French History, 1997-2001

UG Teaching

PG Teaching

Selected Publications


  • France 1815-1914 :The Bourgeois Century (Fontana , 1983) ; U.S. Edition Oxford U.P.1986 ; Italian Edition Il'Secolo Borghese' in Francia 1815-1914 (Il Mulino , 1987)

  • A History of the French Working Class (Blackwells , 1992/1993)

    • Volume I: The Age of Artisan Revolution 1815-71

    • Volume II: Workers and the Bourgeois Republic 1871-1939


  • 'The Conflict in the Villages : Peasant Anticlericalism in the Isère 1852-70', in Zeldin T (ed) Conflicts in French Society (Allen and Unwin ,1970)
  • 'P Joigneaux and Socialist Propaganda in the French Countryside 1849-51', French Historical Studies 1978
  • 'Rural Anticlericalism in Nineteenth-Century France', in Samuel R/Roper L (eds) Disciplines of Faith (1983)
  • 'Paris 1917-20 : Labour Protest and Popular Politics', in Wrigley C (ed) Challenges of Labour : Central and Western Europe 1917-20 (Routledge , 1993)
  • 'Producing , Retailing , Consuming : France 1830-1870', in Rigby B (ed) French Literature,Thought and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: A Material World (MacMillan, 1993)
  • 'Management , Labour and the State in France 1871-1939', in Mathias P/Davis J (eds) Enterprise and Labour from the Eighteenth Century (1996)
  • 'Appropriating the Symbols of the Patrie ? Jacobin Nationalism and its Rivals in the French Third Republic', in Berger S/ Smith A (eds) Nationalism , Labour and Ethnicity (Manchester U.P, 1999)
  • 'El 'Artesano Radical' : Nuevas Reflexiones sobre esta Categoria de la Historia Social', in Panagia J/Piqueras J/Sanz V (eds) Cultura Social y Politica en el Mundo del Trabajo (Valencia ,1999)
  • 'Not Backward but Different' ? : The Debate on French 'Economic Retardation', in Alexander M (ed) French History since Napoleon (Arnold ,1999)

Research Interests

My early research focused on aspects of rural radicalism in nineteenth-century France - in particular village anticlericalism, peasant socialism in the Second Republic and small winegrowers' protest movements in the Midi. After the completion in 1983 of a book on politics and society in France 1800-1914 the focus of my work shifted towards working-class culture and the labour movement - culminating in the publication in 1992 of a two-volume study of the 'making' of the French working class. My interest in French labour history has been maintained, but my research has also moved into other areas of French social, cultural and economic history including industrial management and the origins of consumerism.