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The Problem of Power

Preliminary Programme

The Problem of Power

Institute for Advanced Study

University of Warwick

6-7 October 2011


Thursday 6 October 2011

9.30 Coffee

Session 1: 10-1.15

Vinayak Chaturvedi, “Playing Tennis with Edward Said: Reflections on Technology, Power and Empire”

Rohan Deb-Roy, “Imperial Power and In-human Actors: Intimate Quinine, Warring Mosquitoes and other Worlds of Malaria in British India, 1890-1900”

Guy Attewell, “Quackdown! But Who Makes a Quack? Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Mobilizations and Contestations in India”

Projit Mukharji, “Nationalizing the Body: Vernacular State Medicine and Epidemic Disease in Nineteenth-Century India”

Session 2: 2-4.30

Jonathan Saha, “Re-thinking Colonial Illegalities: Criminality, Corruption and Complicity in British Burma'”

Markus Daechsel, “Governmentality and Development in the Postcolony: The Case of Pakistan in the 1950s”

Clare Anderson, "Visualising the Andamans"

Coffee: 4.30-5

Session 3: 5-6.30PM

Juliet Miller, “Travels with the History Professor”

Ian Brown, “Directors, Pro-Directors and the History of India”

Peter Robb, "Collegial Footsteps: Medicine in Unexpected Places"

David Arnold, “The Problem of Power”


8PM Dinner : The Cross, Kenilworth


Friday 7 October 2011

9.30 Coffee

Session 1: 10-1

Jane Buckingham, “Power and Philanthropy in Late 18th-century Madras”

Sarah Hodges, “The Governmentality of Health in Late Colonial Madras”

Mark Harrison, "Power, Patronage and Physic in the Court of Arcot, c1795-1801"

Shinjini Das, “Making Vernacular Science: Homeopathy and Practices of Translation in Colonial Bengal”

Session 2: 2-5

Crispin Bates, “History and the Historiography of ‘adivasi’ Insurrection in India”

David Hardiman, "On Writing a Global History of Non-Violent Resistance"

David Hall-Matthews, “The Impending Global Food Crisis: Will Democracy be Enough to Prevent Famines?”


With grateful thanks to the the University of Warwick's Centre for the History of Medicine for providing funds for this event out of their Wellcome Trust Strategic Award in the History of Medicine, and to the University of Warwick's Institute for Advanced Study for providing the space.


Arnoldfest on-campus accommodation

Dinner on 6 October at The Cross, Kenilworth

Directions - Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick


David Arnold: The Works (PDF Document)

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