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Weeks 14 and 15 -- Group Project Presentations

These two weeks are devoted to the presentation elements of your group projects. All relevant information about the marking scheme and expected results of this project are outlined in the Making of the Modern World Course Handbook.

Please remember that you need to prepare a combined group logbook for submission prior to the start of your presentation. This log should contain a paragraph-length summary of each member's contributions to the project.

All presentations will take place in Room A at the Learning Grid in University House. Remember, you need a valid University card to get into both Uni House and the Learning Grid. So, if you have card problems, get them sorted out now. Non-working cards, etc., will not be considered valid excuses for failure to attend these seminars.

Finally, we will not be able to cover the topics normally assigned to these weeks. It is your responsibility, therefore, to ensure that you do not fall behind on the readings and are comfortable with the issues and ideas dealt with these weeks. As always, if you aren't clear on anything, please do get in touch.


Due to a severe weather warning, the University has cancelled classes on Thursday 5 February. Group project seminars will not take place today and will be re-scheduled for Week 17.

Essays are still due at the beginning of your seminar for those in the 10am and 11am groups.


Please see the main page (one level up from this one) for the rooms we will be meeting in this week.