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Dr William Rupp


Welcome to William Rupp's

Making of the Modern World

Seminar Information Page

What you'll find here

These pages are intended to serve as a reference for students in my seminar group this year. Occasionally, I will want you to look at readings and resources that are not on the main module syllabus and you'll be able to find what you need here. This page also has information on when essays are due and what days I will be holding essay surgeries.

How to use this site

I've designed this site to supplement, not supplant, the main syllabus. If you're ever in doubt about what material to prepare for any given week and/or can't access this site, look to the core readings section on the main course site for the appropriate week. You will also still need the main site for lecture notes, podcasts, powerpoint slides, essay topics, skills topics, and a whole lot more.

Where to get help and further information

I hope that you will use me as the first point of contact for any questions, concerns, etc., you have about any aspect of this course. In addition to the main module syllabus (where all the core readings, source material, essay topics, and the like, can be found) the course handbook also contains much useful information. A short bibliography on page two lists several excellent texts that can help you get your head around historical writing and how and why we say what we do in this course. I also recommend highly The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, one of the best usage guides out there.

A note on copyright, etc.

Very occasionally, I may link to specific files from this site. I do this for reference purposes only to ensure that you are using the correct copy/version/revision of a particular source. You are expected to locate a copyright-approved copy of that source for your own use. Same applies to video links. Neither Warwick nor I condone breaching copyright laws and we expect you to respect the various rules and regulations that govern this sort of thing. The only exceptions are those that are explicitly noted as such and resources found through copyright-cleared repositories such as JSTOR (which you'll need your University login to access).

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Don't suffer alone -- get in touch!

Office Hours: No specific hours, please contact me to arrange a meeting


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Weekly Seminar Specifics

Thursday, 12:00-13:00, Humanities Building, H0.05

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