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Week 15 - Identities I: Gender and Sexuality

Your second 1,500 word paper is due at the by noon on Wednesday this week. Essay feedback will be returned to you via Tabula within 20 working days as per the University's published feedback policies.

This week is also our first group presentation! We welcome Group 4 (Ailsa, Amr, and Beth) to give their presentation this week. The seminar will start promptly at the usual time and we will start with the presentation followed by questions. Audience members are expected to do the readings (listed below) and be prepared to ask sensible questions based on the presentation.

For non-presenters, please read (all linked on the main module webpage):

  • The Houlbrook article plus one of either the Rose or Rich articles;
  • At least three of the primary source collections.

Remember: next week is reading week, so there is no seminar!

Music By Which To Read

Poetry and music have long been avenues by which people have explored issues of gender and sexuality. There is a rich and diverse outpouring of music celebrating LGBTQA+ life that it is impossible to come up with any sort of definitive list. Also, as with so much non-mainstream music, a significant proportion is difficult to source from streaming services. So, what is here is just one look at a deep and beautiful and sometimes painful musical expanse. The Spotify playlist is here and the text version here.