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Week 17 - Identities II: Class and Urban Identity

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good break and is ready for the second half of the term. Marking of your essays is coming along, too.

For this week, please read (all linked from the main module page for this week):

  • Hobsbawm
  • McDowell,
  • Hall
  • Lawrence

We will also being some work around this week's associated skill -- biography and autobiography -- so have a look at the oral history transcripts as well.

Music By Which to Read

The urban experience, and especially that of poverty and class difference, has dominated music in the western world. Although the music of protest has been with us for generations, mass culture from the late nineteenth century onward gave expression to many (but certainly not all) voices not heard widely before. This week's playlist explores a range of music that grew out of and reacted to poverty and eroding working class identities that have dominated the discourse of our cities. So much expression, such as urban music, is only hinted at here and has an arc and culture worthy of exploration as well. The Spotify playlist is here and the text version here.