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Week 18 - Identities III: Race, Slavery, and Citizenship

It's our second group presentation! This week we'll welcome Group 1 (Annette, Danielle, Emmanuel, Francesco). The seminar will start promptly at the usual time with the presentation followed by questions. Audience members are expected to do the readings (listed below) and be prepared to ask sensible questions based on the presentation.

For non-presenters, please read (all linked on the main module webpage):

  • Chaplin
  • Kendi
  • King
  • Spindel
  • Foner

As always, have a look at as many of the primary source documents as you can.

Music By Which to Read

Slavery has been a facet of human existence for all of recorded history. Few slave regimes have had historical attention paid to them to the same degree as that of the Americas. In part, this work has allowed some of the voices of the enslaved to be heard and recognised the on-going affects that slavery has had on the development of culture and society in the Americas. This week's playlist focuses on music from North American slave communities. The text version can be found here.