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Week 19 - The Formation of Modern Mass Culture

This week sees our third group project extravaganza with Alex, Luke, and Rachel presenting.

For those not presenting this week, please read (all linked from this week's page on the MMW site):

  • Cohan
  • Huyssen
  • Smyth
  • and the Williams keywords

Also, please watch Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest (1959), available from Short Loan. You can try watching it online, but there's probably all sorts of advertising and spyware and stuff, so beware.

Music By Which to Read

Because we will have the chance to sample quite a bit of contemporary music over the coming weeks, I have opted to explore popular music from the Soviet Union. There are a mix of songs on this week's playlist, from patriotic anthems through to light entertainment. Whilst all of these are in some sense 'official', they nevertheless do represent what people listened to in the U.S.S.R. The text list is here.