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Week 21 - The 'Sixties'

Welcome back and hope you had a good Easter break!

As most of you know, this term only has three teaching weeks. Only the seminars this week and next will cover new material. Week 24's session will be for review. Despite our proximity to the end of the year and all your other pressing academic priorities, this material is still important and I expect you to keep up to date with the readings. Aspects of what week discuss over the next two weeks will appear on the exam.

For this week, please read chapter one of Rainer Horn's The Spirit of '68: Rebellion in Western Europe and North America, 1956-1976 (Oxford, 2007) and the introduction and epilogue to The Right Side of the Sixties; Reexamining Conservatism's Decade of Transformation, edited by Jane Gifford and Daniel K. Williams. Both of these are available through Talis Aspire and/or the module website.

(You may be interested to have a peak into E.P. Thompson's Warwick University Ltd. in order to gain a little perspective on our fine institution. . .)

Music By Which To Read

We're really spoiled for choice this week. I've included some classics (namely the number one Billboard hit for each year from 1960-1969 -- not necessarily what you might think of, but these were the top selling singles from each year). A few tracks on the playlist will be ones you are undoubtably be familiar with, but I've also tried to include some other music that you might not know so well. You can find the text list here.