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Week 23 - Postmodernism... and After?

This is the final teaching week of the course! You guys are almost done, so keep yourselves focused and don't let the nice weather and such distract you.

For this week, please read the following (all available via Talis-Aspire):

  • Chakrabarty, Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference (2008), chapter 1
  • Brown, Postmodernity for Historians (2005), chapter 2
  • Poster, Cultural History and Postmodernity (1997), chapter 2

Finally, have a think about what questions you have about the course, what you don't understand, and what you would like clarified. Next week will be your chance to ask about anything you want relating to any topic or concept we've covered over the last 22 weeks as well as the exam.

Music By Which to Read

To get your postmodern thoughts flowing, this week's playlist features several different versions of one song. Listen to these different takes on Lady Gaga's Poker Face (2008) and think about the lines between original and derivative, what constitutes art, and whether something like a song actually belongs to anyone. Text list here.