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Periodicals and Public Opinion

Time: 11:00-12:30 on Tuesday the 29th of January 2013

Location: H0.42

This session will consist of a presentation, followed by informal discussion, drinks and nibbles.

Paper: Yuwen Zhang 'The Craftsman: the origin of Modern Journalism in Britain'

Reading Material: The article this week is intended to contrast and compliment Yuwen Zhang's paper. It deals with roughly similar sources and uses the same theoretical framework (the Public Sphere) but comes at the topic via Gender rather than politics. The article is Tedra Osell's 2005 piece in Eighteenth Century Studies 'Tatling Women in the Public Sphere: Rhetorical Femininity and the English Essay periodical'.

The article is accessable via J-stor here

To get a flavour of the sources under discussion it may be useful to look at this short extract from The Craftsman

Hard Copies: We realise that historians can spend their entire lives looking at computer screens so we are going to do our best to provide paper copies of all documents. These can be collected from Thursday morning onwards from the History common room (H302) on the third floor of the Humanities Building.

Food and Drink: As always, snacks, drinks, and nibbles will be provided. We would love to see as many of you as possible; it will be a nice opportunity for an informal discussion so everyone from MA to Professor is welcome!