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Paola Medina-Gonzalez


Paola Medina-Gonzalez is a historian of Modern Germany who specializes on the Third Reich and masculinity. Their dissertation, Boas in Arms: Masculinity, Photography, and the Wehrmacht look into amateur martial photography during the World Wars in which illustrate soldiers engaged in stage performance and cross-dressing.

They currently also are the co-founder and co-host of the podcast, Theoryish.Link opens in a new windowFor the latest episode please see below:


  • BA: Ohio State University, 2014-2017 in the History of Art with a minor in Historical Architecture
  • MA: University College London. 2019-2020 in the History of Art specializing in 1850-1945 Germany
  • PhD: University of Warwick, 2021-currently in progress


    2023 | 2024

    University of Warwick

    Conference + Writing | Podcasting and Appearances

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    Pronouns: She/her | They/them



    paola dot medina-gonzalez at warwick dot ac dot uk

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