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Formal Assessment


The assessment for this module is determined by whether or not the student will be basing a Dissertation on the module:

  • For students who are not basing a Dissertation on this module: a two-hour exam and a 4,500 word essay.
  • For students who are basing a Dissertation on this module: Three-hour exam.

For more information on examinations, assessment & submission please see the Department website.

Guidance on handling gobbets

Sample paper

Informal Assessment

Students are invited to write weekly responses / thought-pieces in connection with the weekly seminars. These short pieces of writing (c500 words) should put forth a claim and support it with appropriate evidence.
At least once during during term 1, and again during term 2, students will undertake a short writing exercise (a book review or a primary source analysis, c2000 words). Students will direct at least one seminar session during term 1 and again in term 2. In the term 3, students will write a timed essay.