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Early Contact in the Caribbean and Brazil

Powerpoint notes for week 3 lecture


  • What factors shaped the nature of early colonisation in the Caribbean and Brazil?
  • How did Columbus make sense of the new world?
  • What kind of society grew up in early colonial Brazil? What forms of labour did the Portuguese settlers prefer?

Required Seminar Reading

Additional Reading

  • C R Boxer, The Portuguese Seaborne Empire, 1415-1825. London: Hutchinson, 1969 (chapters on early colonisation of Brazil)
  • Schwartz, Stuart B, Sugar Plantations in the Formation of Brazilian Society: Bahia, 1550-1835 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1985)
  • Seed, Patricia, "Are These Not Also Men?': The Indians' Humanity and Capacity for Spanish Civilisation."Journal of Latin American Studies. Vol. 25 No.3, (1993) pp. 629-652.
  • Burkholder, Mark, and Lyman Johnson, Colonial Latin America (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010), Chapter 1, “Iberia and America Before the Conquest,” pp 1-43
  • Primary sources: “Origins, Conquest and Colonial Rule” (chapter 1), The Brazil Reader, eds. Robert Levine and John Crocitti (Durham: Duke University Press, 1999), pp. 16-62