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Seminar Topics and Materials

The following list of topics, resources and literature is intended as a point of reference for the weekly seminars and the writing of short essays. It is impossible to cover all materials and aspects in a survey course like 'The European World', so tutors and students can set their own priorities within the broad themes specified for each week. The range of books and articles is highly selective, but forms a good basis for seminar discussion. Further essay questions and supplementary reading can be found here. The web resources are illustrative rather than comprehensive, highlighting various types of evidence. They usually provide links to other relevant sites, allowing some independent surfing through periods and issues. Like all sources of historical information, however, web-based materials need to be assessed critically and listing does not imply endorsement of all their contents. Sites have been included under the assumption that they are in the public domain, and any infringement of copyright is unintentional.

Given the high number of students taking this module, resources are in heavy demand and books MUST not be borrowed for long periods of time. For each seminar there are some readily accessible items: either in short loan, in volumes marked 'for library use only' or online (web resources; journal articles in the 'JStor' database). However, preparation for seminars and especially essays should also include more specialized texts, e.g. case studies or titles from the list of further reading.

Seminar Programme

Preparatory Course Reading
Theme 1: Society and Economy
Theme 2: Religion
Theme 3: Culture
Theme 4: Politics

Module Review