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Political Thought

Discussion Topics and Essay Questions

  • What was the most important shift in early modern political discourse between 1500 and 1650?
  • Contrast and compare the ideas of two early modern political thinkers.


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Secondary Literature

Selected key texts

Further reading

  • D. Armitage, Theories of Empire 1450-1800 (1998)
  • H. Braun & E. Vallance, Contexts of Conscience in early modern Europe, 1500-1700 (2004)
  • J.H. Burns & M. Goldie, The Cambridge History of Political Thought, 1450-1700 (1991)
  • M.P. Gilmore, Argument from Roman law in Political Thought 1200-1600 (1941)
  • A. Pagden, Lords of all the World: Ideologies of Empire in Spain, Britain and France c.1500-c.1800 (1995)
  • J. Plamenatz, Man and Society. Political and Social Theories from Machiavelli to Marx (vols.1&2, 1992 edn)
Italian Political Thought (Machiavelli)
English Political Thought (More, Locke, Hobbes)
French political thought (Bodin)
  • J. H. Franklin, Jean Bodin and the rise of Absolutist Theory (1973)
  • J. H. M. Salmon, Society in Crisis: France in the sixteenth century (1975)

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