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The Reformation and Religious Change

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Discussion topics and Essay Questions

  •  Why did Luther's ideas find such a receptive audience in Germany in the early years of his protest against Rome?
  • Should the Lutheran Reformation in Germany be regarded as a success or a failure?
  • What was 'new' about Martin Luther?
  • To what extent was the Reformation an urban event?


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Interactive DVD

The English Parish Church Through the Centuries, ed. Dee Dyas (Christianity and Culture, 2010), section 'Reformation': featuring relevant texts, images, audio and videos

Audio Links and videos

  • 'Historical Association' podcast series on 'The Reformation' (2010), featuring talks by Henry Cohn, Beat Kümin, Peter Marshall and Penny Roberts.
  • 'The Reformation': podcast discussion of David Cayley with Torrance Kirby, Matthew Milner and Robert Tittler ('The Origins of the Modern Public', part 2)
  • Radio 4 'In Our Time' discussion on Luther and the 'Diet of Worms'
  • Luther, Hymn: 'A Mighty Fortress' ('Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott')
Lecture Video

Secondary literature

Selected Key Texts

Further reading

a) The European Reformation
b) Luther and the German Reformation
  • “ , Luther the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His Career (1989)
  • P. Marshall, 1517: Martin Luther and the Invention of the Reformation (2017)
  • A. McGrath, ‘Justification and Reformation’, Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte/Archive for Reformation History 81 (1990) (available as print journal in library)
  • D. McKim (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Martin Luther (2003) (ebook)
  • B. Moeller, Imperial Cities and the Reformation: Three Essays (trans.1972)
  • M.A. Mullett, Martin Luther (2004) (ebook)
c) Zwingli and the Early Swiss Reformation

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