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The Early Enlightenment: Change or Continuity?

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Discussion topics

  • What is meant by 'the early enlightenment'?
  • What was the single most significant change in European politics or society in this period?
  • How 'modern' was early modern Europe?
  • How did perceptions of 'Europe' and European identities change in the early enlightenment?


**NOTE: Some eresources are accessible only on-campus or via off-campus proxies or the Athens service**






'The News Revolution and the 18th Century Public Sphere': podcast discussion of David Cayley with David Randall and Brian Cowan ('The Origins of the Modern Public', part 12)

Secondary literature

Selected Key Texts

Further Reading

The Enlightenment
  • V. Ferrone, The intellectual roots of the Italian Enlightenment : Newtonian science, religion, and politics in the early eighteenth century (1995)
  • O. Grell and A. Wear, Medicine and religion in Enlightenment Europe (2007)
  • M. Fitzpatrick et al, The Enlightenment World (2004) (ebook)
  • P. Hazard, The European Mind 1680-1715 (1973)
  • M. Jacob, The Radical Enlightenment: Pantheists, Freemasons and republicans (1981)
  • J. Marshall, John Locke, toleration, and early Enlightenment culture : religious intolerance and arguments for religious toleration in early modern and "early Enlightenment" Europe (2006)
  • D. Outram, The Enlightenment (1995)
  • R. Porter, Enlightenment. Britain and the Creation of the Modern World (London, 2000).
  • The Enlightenment (2001 edn)
  • J. Shaw, Miracles in Enlightenment England (2006)

The Early Enlightenment and the Wider World

  • U. Haskins Gonthier, Montesquieu and England: Enlightened Exchanges, 1689–1755 (2015)
  • G. Lloyd, Enlightenment Shadows (2013). Especially the chapter 'Cosmopolitan Imagining: Montesquieu’s Persian Letters'.
  • Voltaire, Zadig and L'Ingénu, trans. J. Butt (1964/2006)

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