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Trans-Cultural Contacts

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Discussion topics

  • What was the impact of overseas expansion on early modern European society?
  • Assess the political implications of European expansion in the early modern period.
  • Did increased contact with extra-European peoples reinforce or undermine the fundamental cultural assumptions of Europeans?
  • How should we understand the character of Ottoman overseas expansion?


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Secondary Reading

Selected Key Texts

Primary Literature
Secondary Literature

Further Reading

a) European Overseas Expansion
b) The Ottoman Empire
  • “ , The Forgotten Frontier (1978)
  • C. Imber, The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1600. The Structure of Power (2002)
  • H. Inalcik, The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age 1300-1600 (1973)
  • M. Kunt & C. Woodhead, Süleyman the Magnificent and his Age (1995)
  • R. Murphey, ‘Süleyman I and the conquest of Hungary’, JEMH 5 (2001)
  • A. Stiles, The Ottoman Empire 1450-1700 (1989)
C. Woodhead, ‘Consolidating the Empire: New Views on Ottoman History 1453-1839’, EHR 123 (2008)

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External Links

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook - texts and documents relating to Ottoman History

The - detailing history, military, culture and arts of the Ottoman Empire

Islamic Art: the Venetian Perspective- short discussion from Met Museum about Islamic Art in the eyes of early modern Venetians

History of Trade - discussion about European Trade 16th-18th Century

1492: An Ongoing Voyage - exhibition from Library of Congress, Washington

Early modern discoveries, - English and German primary documents relating to early modern discoveries

Cook's Pacific Encounters - explore collection of Pacific artefacts collected during Cook's Pacific Voyages between 1768 and 1780