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Central government

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Discussion topics

What were the driving forces and main instruments of European state formation?
Was the kingdom of France more effectively centralised by 1559 than by 1600?
Had England become a 'nation state' by 1603?


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Written Sources




·De Thou (1553-1617), statesman and historian, who as a young man witnessed the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, describes that event
Edict of Nantes (excerpts)
Elizabeth's Act of Uniformity (1559)
English Books of Common Prayer
Elizabethan Sumptuary Law
England and Wales. Court of Star Chamber - Reports of cases in the courts of Star Chamber and High Commission
Sumptuary Decree - Enforcing Statutes of Apparel [Greenwich, 15 June 1574, 16 Elizabeth I]
Radio 4 'In Our time' discussion on Field of the Cloth of Gold [ including link to audio recording]


·Elizabeth I in parliament. 1682
Portrait of François I, King of France - Jean Clouet 1525-30
Cazaubon, First President of the Parlement de Paris, 1723
Edict of Nantes
Henri IV signing the Edict of Nantes
 Palais de Justice

Audio Links

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O Lord, make Thy servant Elizabeth, anthem for 6 voices (SAATTB) - Composed by William Byrd

·Purcell Welcome Ode for Queen Mary - Welcome Glorious Morn
Charpentier - Medee: Act II - Scene 1 - 'Vos reproches, Seigneur, ne sont pas legitimes'
Purcell - Hail, bright Cecilia (Ode for St. Cecilia's Day), for soloists, chorus & instruments·
Purcell - Voluntary In D Minor

ETexts - Online Reading available at Warwick


Elton, 'Tudor Government', HJ 31 (1988) [JStor]

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Secondary literature: Tudor State

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Secondary literature: Valois France

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J. H. Shennan, Government and Society in France 1461-1661 (1969)



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Source Collections

History of France: Primary Documents, 1454 - 1788

History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents, 1486 - 1688 

History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents, 1689 - 1815




'European State Finance Database': collection of data arranged in various thematic sections, see e.g. 'charts' columns under items listed in 'resources directory'

English Short-Title Catalogue (ESTC) Catalogue of all books published either in Britain or in English between 1475 and 1800. "Significant" titles are available in full text in EEBO and ECCO (above)

Zachary Lesser / Charlie Mitchell, 'The Tyburn Tree', a website with sources and information on public execution in early modern

BOPCRIS: British official publications 1688-1995 abstracts of some pre-1800 documents are available

Civil War and Revolution - part of 'VirtualNorfolk', online initiative by UEA

Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674-1834 Now complete: over 100,000 trials online, searchable by crime, name, verdict

The castle of Louis XIV, Versailles. You can also learn more about Louis XIV, his life, and his court.