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The Impact of War

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Discussion topics

· Was the 'military revolution' cause or consequence of a more sophisticated state apparatus?
· How deeply did warfare disrupt the lives of early modern Europeans?
· Who had the best army in early modern Europe?


**NOTE: Some eresources are accessible only on-campus or via off-campus proxies or the athens service**





An Account of the Destruction of Magdeburg;
Royal Edict of 1626 ordering the demolition of the feudal castles in France;
Treaty of Westphalia - Prologue;
Sharing of Prizes, English Navy 1676; Sweden 1387 - 1814: Primary Documents; Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern Germany: Primary Documents


Execution of Protestant leaders in Prague 1621 
The Exercise of Armes (details) 1619;
'Jacques Callot (d.1635) and the Miseries of the Thirty Years' War': etchings by this well-knownFrench artist illustrating the miseries of the Thirty Years' War [e.g. 'Plundering a Large Farmhouse' & La Vie des Soldats" - The Large Miseries of War (1632-33), "Preparing to Fire a Cannon" and "Exercise with Halberds"] with commentary by David M. Hart (cf. link in right-hand margin)
The Battle of Wittstock 1636
View of graves on the Mass after a siege - 1675


ETexts - Online Reading available at Warwick

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Wilson, Peter H. German armies:war and German politics, 1648-1806 (1998)

The British Library: Turning the Pages (Leonardo's Notebook, Mercator's Atlas, Vesalius' Fabrica, Luttrell Psalter, Sherbourne Missal)

Discovery of a mass grave from the Thirty Years' War (Independent article, 4 August 2007)



Secondary literature: impact of war

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'The Prints of Jacques Callot': famous etchings by a French artist illustrating the miseries of the Thirty Years' War

'The Museum of the Thirty Years' War', an electronic guide to some of the exhibits kept at Wittstock in Germany

'The Thirty Years' War': documents and map from "About: Military History"

Thirty Years War - Primary Sources

The Thirty Years War

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