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Absolutism and its Alternatives

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Discussion Topics and Essay Questions

a) Absolutism
  • Was absolutism really a 'myth'?
  • To what extent was Louis XIV the model for European absolutist monarchs?
  • 'Absolutism in the various countries of Europe shared few common features'. Discuss.
b) The Impact of War
  • Was the 'military revolution' cause or consequence of a more sophisticated state apparatus?
  • How deeply did warfare disrupt the lives of early modern Europeans?
c) The British Alternative
  • Did Britain 'escape' absolutism?
  • Which were more 'revolutionary' in their consequences, the events of the 1640s, or of the 1680s?


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The Impact of War
The British Alternative


The Impact of War

The British Alternative

Audio Links:

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  • The Prince of Denmark's March, Jeremiah Clarke
  • Philidor La Marche Des Mousquetaires, Music for Louis XIV
  • Music at the court of Louis XIV, Allemande 'La Fountainbleau'

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a) Absolutism
b) The Impact of War
c) The British Alternative (The Civil War and 'Glorious Revolution)


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