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Russia and its impact

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Discussion topics

To what extent had the Baltic become a 'Swedish lake' by 1700, and how far did the Great Northern War change this?
Can Peter the Great's domestic policies usefully be termed 'westernisation'?
Was early modern Russia a 'great European power'?


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'Peter the Great and the Rise of Rise of Russia, 1682-1725'. Selected documents
'Proclamation on the Introduction of the New Calendar, 1700' and 'Decree on Single Inheritance'



Alexey Zubov: works include: The Wedding Feast of Peter I and Catherine in the Winter Palace of Peter I in St. Petersburg on February 19, 1712 / St. Petersburg. View of the Winter Palace of Peter I. 1716 / View of the Gagarin's Moscow Mansion from the Courtyard. 1707 / The Ceremonial Entry of the Russian Troops to Moscow on December 21, 1709 after their Victory in the Battle of Poltava. 1711 / The Bringing of the Swedish Ships to St. Petersburg after the Victory in the Battle of Gangut, September 9, 1714 / -St. Petersburg. View of the Summer Gardens from the Neva River. 1717
Winter Palace (Modern Photo)
Peter the Great

ETexts - Online Reading available at Warwick

Cross, Anthony , St. Petersburg, 1703-1825 (2003)

D. Shaw, 'The geography of state building and social reform in Peter the Great's Russia', Political Geography 18 (8/1999) SRC


Audio Links:

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For many years (Mnogaya leta) - Composed by Vasily Polikarpovich Titov c1650-c1715
See our Peasants (Russian Folk Song) - Kak nashi krestiane
Resurrection Canon - Boys And Men's Chor Of The Moscow Chor Academy/Viktor Popov - Nikolai Diletsky (Italianate Russian Composer)

Secondary literature: Politics and state formation

M. S. Anderson, Peter the Great (1978 & 1995)

E. Anisimov, The Reforms of Peter the Great: Progress through Coercion in Russia (1993)

P. Bushkovitch, Peter the Great. The Struggle for Power (2001)

R. Butterwick (ed.), The Polish-Lithuanian Monarchy in European Context 1500-1795 (2001)

J. E. Cracraft, Peter the Great Changes Russia (1991)

" , The Petrine Revolution in Russian Culture (2004)

Cross, Anthony Glenn. By the banks of the Neva:chapters from the lives and careers of the British in eighteenth-century Russia (1997).

S. Dixon, The Modernisation of Russia, 1676-1825 (1999)

P. Dukes, The Making of Russian Absolutism, 1613-1801 (1982 & 1991)

C. Dunning, 'Does Jack Goldstone's model of early modern state crises apply to Russia?', Comparative Studies in Society and History 39 (1997) [JStor]

P. G. Dwyer (ed.), The Rise of Prussia, 1700-1830 (2001)

R. I. Frost, The Northern Wars: War, State, and Society in Northeastern Europe 1558-1721 (2000)

L. Hughes, Russia in the Age of Peter the Great (1998)

P. Lockhart, Sweden in the 17thC (2003)

M. Shennan, The Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia (1995)

D. Stone, The Polish-Lithuanian State 1386-1795 (2001)

A. Upton, Charles XI and Swedish Absolutism (1998)

" , 'The establishment of absolutism in Sweden', EHR 102 (1987) [JStor]

" , 'Absolutism and the rule of law: Karl XI of Sweden', PER 8 (1988)