[Circular sent 7 October 2020]

Dear all,

thanks for signing up for your 'Germany in the Age of the Reformation' seminars. Inevitably, the process has resulted in somewhat uneven numbers. It would be good to aim for groups of roughly the same size to give everyone the same experience and maximum discussion opportunities. Furthermore, there are two students whose slots clash with other timetable commitments. Can I thus ask whether anyone currently in Groups 1 / 3 / 4 is able to move to Group 2 which meets Thursdays at 9 and offers more face-to-face teaching? It is VERY early in the morning, so apologies about that, but any volunteers would receive an honourable mention. If you can swap classes, please just drop me a line.

In another update, the home / programme pages now feature direct links to our seminar channels on MS Teams. Your tutor will send you an invite for your first online session but, in case of any communication issue, just go to the respective channel and join the meeting from there.

With many thanks & best wishes,