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Information Week 1

Orientation topics

  • Aims / assessment and programme of the module
  • Seminar groups (see your eVision timetable after signup) and advice (box below)
  • Approaching 'Germany' and the 'Reformation' (via e-resources & 'preparation tasks' below)



Preparation tasks


1. Introductory reading: H. Cohn, 'The Long Reformation - Lutheran', in: B. Kümin (ed.), The European World 1500-1800 (2022 or earlier edns) - having reached the e-book, navigate to PART III Religion and then this chapter.

2. Start-up poll: Who or what do you associate with the term 'Reformation'? Thanks for submitting your 3 words (names, places, facts, concepts ...) via Vevox - we'll take a look at the results in the week 2 seminar.


General seminar advice
  • Each week has a seminar theme with associated resources - the Tuesday lecture offers an introductory survey and the Friday classes opportunities to discuss key topics on the basis of set sources & texts
  • Please complete any assigned seminar tasks (esp. the core readings) before our weekly meetings
  • Be prepared to ask questions, explore a variety of aspects and engage constructively / respectfully with a range of different views
  • University monitoring rules require the keeping of attendance registers - if you cannot make a particular meeting, please mail your seminar tutor in advance
  • Consultation of further resources will help to deepen your understanding of particular topics, e.g. with a view to written assignments - these include:
  • Over the year, keep some notes on your weekly preparation, contributions to seminars and other learning experiences (e.g. moments when listening to others assisted your understanding), which can feed into the oral contribution assignment
  • We also have a companion moodle platform for selected purposes such as module feedback