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Seminar Topics


Week 1: [No classes for Year 2 options yet]

Week 2: Introduction and Organization 

Week 3: Politics and Tensions 

Week 4: Living in Late Medival Germany 

Week 5: Religious Beliefs and Practices 

[Reading Week]

Week 7: Debate - An Age of Reform or Decline?

Week 8: Luther - Man and Myth 

Week 9: Luther's Message 

Week 10: Communication and Media 



Week 11: The Reformed

Week 12: Reformation Writing - Issues and Resources

Week 13: The Peasants' War 

Week 14: The Kingdom of Münster 

(week 15): Extended essay surgery

[Reading Week]

Week 17: Deciding on Faith in Sixteenth-Century Cities 

Week 18: Debate - Was the Reformation 'Good for Women'? 

Week 19: Institutionalizing the Reformation 

Week 20: Confessional Identities 



Week 21: Charles V - a failure?

Week 22: Conclusion 

(tbc): Revision session